New Demco Fertilizer Application Equipment Product Line

New Demco Fertilizer Application Equipment Product Line

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Introducing the new Demco Fertilizer Application Equipment Product Line!

We at Demco are very excited to provide growers with our new line of fertilizer application equipment. As times continue to change we recognize your need as a grower to maximize your yields, be efficient with your fertilizer, and to prevent over-application of fertilizer which can contaminate water sources and cost you money. With our years of experience providing high quality farm equipment proven to perform and last, we know that our fertilizer application equipment will be the right choice for your farm operation.

Our 1050 and 1250 trailer liquid fertilizer applicators feature an unique tank design with a large sump which provides superior drainage and holds liquid while on side-hills. The tank’s center of mass is centered over the axle to maintain even down pressure as the tank empties. Our short “hitch pin to axle” length of 140” allows the machine to trail the tractor well and reduces crop damage.

The 40’ and 60’ toolbars that we offer feature a double bar design to provide maximum strength and durability. Our wing “kick up” feature helps to prevent crop damage when turning on the end rows. Built-in flex allows the inner wing to move 8 degrees above and below horizontal. Hydraulic down pressure keeps coulters in the ground for precise depth control and can be easily adjusted without using tools. Our 40’ and 60’ toolbars are available as 3-point mount units. Our 3-point toolbars combined with our SideQuest saddle tank systems are a very effective way to side-dress your fertilizer by providing excellent maneuverability and preventing crop damage. If you already own saddle tanks, this is a great way for you to get your side-dressing done.

Please visit our “Fertilizer Applicators & Toolbars” section of our website for more information, and feel free to call us at (800) 543-3626.