Steel Drop Deck Trailers

Rugged Design. Corrosion Resistant. Heavy Duty Frame.

  • All steel to maximize the strength of trailer
  • CORSOL® corrosion solutions protects against corrosion undercutting and blistering
  • Apitong flooring weathers and wears longer
  • LED lights
  • More springs in the ramps for ease of use
  • Virtually no ongoing maintenance
Tandem Axle with Twin Ramps

Tandem Axle Drop Deck Trailers + 5' Beaver Tail with Twin Ramps

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Main Beams Designed with Camber for maximum strength

CORSOL® corrosion solutions: Field-Proven Solution

Hardworking equipment will endure rock strikes; however, CORSOL® corrosion solutions can prevent those surface chips from becoming a much larger problem.

CORSOL® corrosion solutions protection is derived from a process called METAL POLYMERIZATION® in which an appropriate proprietary liquid copolymer is applied to a metallic surface. A chemical reaction occurs between the copolymer and the metallic substrate, creating a copolymer iron alloy layer that fuses the copolymer and steel. This layer creates non-sacrificial protection against corrosion undercutting and blistering.

Paint is a surface coating that does not chemically bond to the steel. Therefore, when steel is exposed, the oxidation process will grow between the metal and paint finish, separating the paint finish from the metal. The exposed painted metal surface will initially experience undercutting, then blistering, eventually leading to flaking as it spreads.

ABOVE: A rock chip field test was performed on the above trailer. The trailer was half protected with CORSOL® corrosion solutions, half painted with 2K epoxy primer/2K urethane topcoat. The trailer’s painted side has substantial undercutting and blistering areas, leading to corrosion flaking and metal deterioration. After three years of service, you can see the CORSOL® corrosion solutions surface rock dings do not undercut and blister, which means your equipment will last longer and look good for years.

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