Steel Drop Deck Trailers

Steel Drop Deck Trailer

Tandem Axle Drop Deck Trailers

Choose from 40 to 53 foot drop deck trailer that includes the extra security and weight bearing capacity of a tandem axle trailer design. Designed to make heavy and extra tall loads easier to maneuver, the lower bed of the steel drop deck trailer has a low center of gravity that grants more height clearance to work with.

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Tandem Axle with Twin Ramps

Tandem Axle Drop Deck Trailers + 5' Beaver Tail with Twin Ramps

The sloped, 5 foot ramp extension on our beaver tail drop deck trailers makes equipment and heavy loads easier to maneuver on and off the trailer. Ranging from 45 feet to 53 feet, each beaver tail trailer comes with twin ramps, with optional 3rd ramp, that will make loading heavy equipment and vehicles even easier and safer.

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Triple Axle Drop Deck Trailer

Triple Axle Drop Deck Trailers

Our triple axle trailers come with the same sturdy steel designs to handle heavy loads with maximum maneuverability. Choose a drop deck trailer with beaver tail and ramp or a Non Beaver Tail trailers that go up to 53 feet. Each triple axle trailer is equipped with standard air ride suspension and color-coded air lines.

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When you need reliable sturdiness for a heavy load, there are few better options than a steel drop deck trailer. They get their name from their lower trailer bed design, with a neck that connects to the truck before dropping down below standard trailer height. This is done to help lower the center of gravity for a load closer to the ground to keep it steadier.

Besides being a sound design for heavier load purposes, our steel drop deck trailers feature even more unique designs and materials to make them the best choice when you’re looking for a reliable drop deck trailer. Shop for exactly what you want online with the reassurance that you’re getting quality equipment that can keep up with your business’s needs.

When do You Need a Drop Deck Trailer?

Drop deck trailers offer extra versatility for certain types of loads that can make them easier to transport. When you need to travel cargo that rests high on the trailer bed, drop deck trailers can get you extra clearance without having to apply for additional permits required for loads higher than the standard allowed size.

Steel drop deck trailers are also ideal for forklift loading. With the lower trailer bed, you won’t have to work as hard getting your equipment and supplies on and off the trailer bed. Perhaps best of all, a drop deck trailer is sturdy and low enough to handle heavy equipment loads without risk of tipping or other mishandling.

The Right Choice for All Your Hauling Needs

Demco drop deck trailers feature patented designs that make hauling materials easier, faster and safer. A big part of this is our all steel built construction, which means that you’ll be getting a trailer built from sturdy steel that can handle 68,000 - 77,000 pounds of weight depending on the trailer you use.

We offer a variety of trailer axles and types so you can pick which one is best for the work you need to do. This includes tandem and triple axles that range from 40’ to 53’. To further customize your choices, you’ll be able to choose the kind of suspension your trailer needs, whether that’s closed suspension, spread suspension or triple axle suspension.

Further enhancing the design of each trailer are the main beams designed with Camber and beam rating of the lower deck, which holds up against 50,000 pounds per 10 linear feet. Each element of the trailer is built with sturdy steel from its web made out of grade 100 high yield steel to its flat steel rub rails and flange.

Smart designs and quality, reliable materials are what sets Demco equipment apart from other companies. You can rely on high grade steel materials and conveniently crafted trailers that make transportation, construction and business easier.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our equipment and their usage. Feel free to contact one of our dealers today and find out how you can get great deals on safe, quality steel drop deck trailers that will keep up with your business for years to come.

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