5th Wheel Hitches

You have options when it comes to towing an RV behind your heavy-duty truck. For many reasons, a large percentage of drivers will choose 5th wheel hitches over gooseneck hitches or ball-mount hitches. Everyone’s opinion is different, their situations are different and their towing realities are different, so if you’ve decided on a 5th wheel hitch, it’s likely because you’ve put some thought and work into what you need. 5th wheel hitches offer several advantages over the other types of hauling mechanisms, and most will say that one of the biggest is that it provides a smoother ride that features easier turning capabilities.

That type of dependability means a lot for those who haul cargo, as it’s not often that anyone will make a trip without a turn. Demco Products has been providing our customers with 5th wheel hitches for years all across North America, and over the years we’ve continued to advance our products so that those who trust us with their towing needs never have to worry about getting there smoothly and safely. We owe that to everyone we work with, and that’s one of the reasons we’ve earned such a high level of customer loyalty.

Our line of 5th wheel hitches:

Autoslide - Automatic Sliding Hitch for tight corners and maneuverability

Recon Series - Above Bed Mounting Systems for Industry Standard Rails and Gooseneck Ball Mounts

21K & 31K - Under Bed Mounting Systems

We offer other products that will help make your towing smooth and stress-free. These include:

OE Factory Prep Brackets – Make sure your 5th wheel hitch installation goes as well as possible.

Frame Bracket Kits – Frame specific for even more security with our Demco Products kits.

5th Wheel Accessories & Upgrades – Find those “little extras” that can make a big difference in your towing experience.

Locking Plates – You can’t be too safe when towing, but using our Locking Plates may come close to that line when using a Demco Autoslide

Below you’ll find links to all of our 5th wheel hitches and our related products. Click on any of them for the details you need to make your decision.

The Demco Products Difference

Perhaps above all else, you need to be able to trust your towing capacity on your vehicle, regardless of the setup or the specifics. Not being able to do so adds a lot of stress to your day, and that’s not worth any amount of savings. Demco Products has been delivering best-in-class 5th wheel hitches for a long time now, and we never stop striving to improve our already-renowned product line or our already-well-known level of service. We back everything we sell with our hard-earned brand, so peruse our choices with confidence and get ready for the towing experience that you deserve.

Autoslide - Automatic Sliding 5th Wheel Hitches

Let go of your worries relating to turning and maneuverability of your 5th wheel trailer you tow behind your truck with this state-of-the-art hitch. Click here for more details.

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8550044 Recon 5th Wheel Hitch with Rails

The Recon Series for Above Bed Mounting Systems

Check out what the Recon Series Above Bed Mounting System hitch can do for your towing experience.

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8550045 Recon 5th Wheel Hitch

The Recon Series for Gooseneck Ball Mounts

Whether you prefer a regular or flat deck recessed gooseneck ball mount, Demco Products has you covered with this portion of our Recon Series.

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8550032 version 5th Wheel Hitch

21K & 31K Under Bed Mounting Systems

A clean truck bed is always a great thing! For 5th wheel towing without the hassle of rails in the bed, this system is for you.

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Prep Bracket for Dodge Ram 6099

OE Factory Prep Brackets for 5th Wheel Hitches

GMC, Chevy, Ford, Dodge Ram, Nissan Titan, something else… it doesn’t matter, as Demco Products has Factory Prep Brackets ready for you to put to use to haul cargo smoothly and safely.

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OE Factory Prep Mounting Plates for Autoslides and Manual Slide Hitches

Changing truck brands? Demco has you covered. Take your Autoslide or Manual Slide Hitch with you to the new truck. We have interchangeable mounting plates for most applications.

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Frame Bracket Kits

Frame Bracket Kits for 5th Wheel Hitches

Regardless of your current towing setup, Demco Products has Frame Bracket Kits ready for you to put to work immediately so you can enjoy that added measure of security when you’re out on the road.

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5th Wheel Hitch Accessories

5th Wheel Hitches Accessories & Upgrades

What you tow is different from what someone else regularly tows. What you need to make sure you’re towing effectively is also different, but Demco Products has accessories and upgrades engineered to fit your specific purpose.

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