Triple Axle Side Dump Trailers

Model NumberChassis Length (Feet)Suspension TypeTub Length (Feet)Tub Volume (Cu. Yd.)Tare Weight (lbs)Lift TypeManual P/N
9CCR353AR302135Air Ride3020.116,500N/A8C000301
9CCR403AR342440Air Ride3422.717,000N/A8C000301
9CCR423AR342442Air Ride3422.717,500N/A8C000302
9CCR423ARRL342442Air Ride3422.717,500Rear Lift8C000302
9CCR443AR342444Air Ride3422.717,900N/A8C000302
9CCR443ARRL342444Air Ride3422.717,900Rear Lift8C000302
9CCR443AR372644Air Ride3724.517,900N/A8C000303
9CCR443ARRL372644Air Ride3724.517,900Rear Lift8C000303
CR463ARRL342446Air Ride3422.718,000Rear Lift8C000304
CR473ARRLS372647Air Ride3724.518,200Rear Lift Steer8C000306
9CCR443AR60342444Air Ride3422.717,50060' Spread8C000305
9CCR443AR60RL342444Air Ride3422.717,50060' Spread w/ RL8C000305
9CCR443ARSPRD342444Air Ride3422.717,500Spread w/ RLN/A
9CSS3536LS35Spring Ride3020.116,500N/A8C000307
9CSS4036LS40Spring Ride3422.717,000N/A8C000307
9CSS4236LS42Spring Ride3422.717,500N/A8C000307
9CSS4436LS44Spring Ride3422.717,900N/A8C000307


  • Air Ride: SAF Holland CBX23-245 Air Suspension with Integrated Axles
  • Spring Ride: 3-leaf heavy duty SAF Holland spring suspension
  • 23K Axles with Wabco ABS brakes (single axle) and 10 bolt hub piloted steel rims, 75,000 lbs. GVW
  • 5" Dia. Dump Cylinder 43K# Payload @2250 psi
  • 1/4" AR450 Steel with trademarked FlexCorner® Design


  • Low center of gravity for stability
  • Massive Single G-Rail
  • Six Integrated Tub Pivot Points with Greaseless Pivot Bearings
  • Single Sided Dump Change
  • Quick Left to Right Dump Change
  • Dump Direction Indicators
  • 20" Deep I-beam Chassis Frame
  • Rounded Vee Dump Body Design
  • EdgeFlex Fenders
  • Bolt-On UnderRide
  • Brake size: 16.5” x 7”
  • Large Body Side Stiffener, Maintain 102" Loaded
  • 20 Sec. Dump Time (30 Sec. Cycle) @33 GPM Hydraulic Flow
  • 77-1/2" Track w/ABS on one Axle (23K#)
  • LED Lighting



  • 6” Dia. Dump Cylinder 62K# Payload @2250 psi
  • ¼” FLX-500 Tub with Original FlexCorner Design
  • Black, White, Yellow, or Custom Paint Color
  • ABS Installed on 2nd Axle
  • Lead Trailer Pintle Hook
  • Air Weigh Scale Kit
  • Bolt-On Extended Push Block


  • 11R 22.5 LRH Domestic Radial Tires or Import Radial Tires *
  • 385/65R 22.5 LRJ Domestic Radial Tires or Import Radial Tires *
  • All Polished Aluminum Rims *
  • Outside Polished Aluminum Rims, Inside Steel Rims *



  • * 11R 22.5 and 11R 24.5 - Lifts can be dual (4) or single (2) tires.
  • ** 385/65R 22.5 - Lifts can only be single (2) tires. Lifts with steer cannot use these tires.
  • *** 385/65R 22.5 - Aluminum Rims ONLY

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