Smart Car Bracket

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Product Number: 6227

Install the provided actuating cylinder for your Demco SBS supplemental braking system into your Smart car using this adapter. This specially designed bracket allows you to affix the cylinder to your floor-mounted brake pedal, ensuring it doesn't impede regular braking while driving.

Key Features:

  • Adapter bracket facilitates the installation of your Demco SBS Air Force One or Stay-IN-Play DUO supplemental braking system in your Smart car.
  • Extension accommodates the actuating cylinder, enabling it to connect to a floor-mounted brake pedal.
  • Straightforward installation process with included hardware.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

Demco SBS's Air Force One and Stay-IN-Play DUO supplemental braking systems utilize an actuating cylinder to engage the brake pedal in your towed vehicle. This cylinder typically attaches to the car's brake arm, staying inconspicuous during regular driving. However, Smart cars have a unique brake pedal configuration that extends upward from the floorboard. If the braking system's actuator is directly mounted on the Smart car's brake pedal arm, it can obstruct foot movement during normal driving. To resolve this issue, use this adapter bracket to mount the actuator on the Smart car's brake pedal arm.