Dual Auger Grain Carts

The ability to adjust the height of the auger is a feature that is very beneficial during windy harvest conditions.

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2200 Grain Cart

Our largest capacity grain cart has a capacity of over 2200 bushels. The 22" unload auger with height adjustment will help your cart unload quickly!

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1700 Grain Cart

The 1700 model Grain Cart will hold over 1700 bushels. This large capacity cart has a 20" horizontal drag auger and a 22" unload auger with height adjustment.

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1500 Grain Cart

DEMCO’s newest Dual Auger Grain Cart design is available in RIGHT SIDE or LEFT SIDE unloading auger positions. The NEW FRONT FOLDING AUGER design allows us to maintain low clearance on both sides of the grain cart.

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Dual Auger grain cart

1100 & 1300 Grain Cart

The model 1300 Grain Cart will increase your harvesting efficiency with a capacity of 1,300 + bushels, 20” horizontal drag auger, and a 22” unload auger that has height adjustment.

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Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, but it can mean more efficient! Our large capacity grain carts are loaded with features which provide operator convenience & comfort, and help make your harvest operation productive and smooth.

Unlike other large capacity grain carts, these Demco grain carts have a corner auger design providing excellent visibility. Demco’s large capacity grain carts have a PTO driven drag auger. These grain carts are unmatched in the industry with convenient features, first-rate quality, and excellent efficiency for your harvest operation.

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