Additional Accessories

Battery Disconnect Switch

Some manufacturers recommend you disconnect the battery on a vehicle when it is being towed. This kit lets you disconnect the battery voltage to your towed vehicle.

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Braking System Air Tester

This kit is designed to help in diagnosing loss of air pressure. It will work with the Air Force One and the Stay IN Play Duo braking systems.

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12V Power Outlet

This kit is designed to bring an additional 12 volt power source protected by a 20 amp fuse. This will help protect your towed vehicle's electrical system.

12V Power Outlet6342Buy it Now

Battery Charge Wire Kit

Maintain the battery charge on your towed vehicle while it is being flat towed with this charge wire. Works with Demco supplemental braking systems.

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Air Cylinder Cable Repair Kit

Replace the cable that attaches to the actuating cylinder on your Demco Stay-IN-Play Duo or Air Force One supplemental braking system.

Air Cylinder Cable Repair Kit6337Buy it Now

Brake Light Over-ride Relay Kit

Brake Light Over-ride Relay Kit6414