110 & 150 Gallon Skid Sprayers

Quality Construction & Features

This unique sprayer comes with the quality construction and features that you expect from Demco.

Different pump options and boom sizes are available, along with an option of 100’ of hose on a hose reel to meet your specific needs. This sprayer is a great option to consider as part of your “arsenal” for spraying.

115 Pro Series ATV skid sprayer
  • 110 or 150 gallon polyethylene tank features sump, molded sight gauge and large fillwell with a no-splash fillwell cover. 5 GPM electric and gas engine roller pump units include agitation in tank.
  • Heavy duty formed steel skid frame (W-30" x L-70").
  • Electric motor, diaphragm pump with Viton® valves. Draws 9 amps @ 20 PSI (delivers 5 GPM). Max. pressure is 35 PSI.
  • 3 HP Honda® or 3.5 HP B&S with centrifugual pump with deliver of 12 GPM @ 50 PSI, 65 PSI maximum pressure.
  • Fertilizer and Roundup® compatible.
  • Hypro® engine driven roller pump (C4101) delivers a max. 6.6 GPM at 2600 RPM (open flow). Max. pressure is 150 PSI.
  • Hypro® engine driven straight centrifugal pump: Pump delivers 94 GPM at 30 PSI. Max. pressure is 70 PSI.
  • Ace engine driven centrifugal pump delivers 19 GPM max. and 40 PSI max. with 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine.
  • 18" handgun with 15' hose (380RB).
  • 12' and 18' booms feature floodjet tips (AN1.5 with 40' nozzle spacing) and spring loaded boom wing breakaway.
  • 21' Truss-T boom features vertical and horizontal boom breakaway with 20" nozzle spacing. Spray tips are not included. 10 GPA maximum output when used with electric pump.



Part Number
9464035110 Gallon Skid Frame
9464036150 Gallon Skid Frame


Part Number
P110 24A110 Gallon Tank with agitation
P150 32A150 Gallon Tank with agitation


Part Number
GH4HP4 HP Honda®
DHC1556.5 HP with centrifugal pump
DHC155H5.5 HP Honda® with centrifugal pump


Part Number
C41014 Roller pump
XL41014 Roller “Silver Cast” pump


Part Number
94650085 GPM Electric pump plumbing kit (pump included)
SMR4 Roller pump plumbing kit (1 Section) (engine/pump not included)
SMR34 Roller pump plumbing kit (3 Section) (engine/pump not included)
9465009Centrifugal plumbing kit (1 Section) (engine/pump not included)
9465010Centrifugal plumbing kit (3 Section) (engine/pump not included)
9465128Centrifugal plumbing kit (1 Section) (3.5 HP B&S engine/pump included)
9465129Centrifugal plumbing kit (1 Section) (3 HP Honda® engine/pump included)

Boom with Plumbing

Part Number
DB1212' Boom (1 section)(4 nozzles)(40" spacing)
DB1818' Boom (1 section)(6 nozzles)(40" spacing)
DB21T21' Truss-T boom (13 conventional nozzles) Transport width 8'


Part Number
9428035Hose Reel with 100’ of 1/2" Hose. Reel will hold 200'
120RB1/2" Rubber Hose
25660-3Lawn & turf gun with #3 nozzle
CRATELTL freight shipments require crating