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KarKaddy - A Renowned Brand Name In the Industry

Within every industry are brand names that precede themselves for positive reasons. That’s because these brands have been producing high-quality products and the service to stand behind those products for years. It’s not easy to achieve that status and earning any type of positive brand reputation is something that takes years but that can be lost in minutes if not faster.

Demco Products has several different product lines that have achieved brand status in this regard, and we’re proud of that but vow to continue moving forward. One product line that is renowned in the towing industry is the KarKaddy. Tow dollies are critically important pieces of equipment that simply must perform at a high level for a plethora of reasons. The KarKaddy line from Demco Products has been doing that since the day the first model hit the market.

Tow dolly behind an RV

KarKaddy SS Tow Dolly

The KarKaddy SS Tow Dolly

Good things come in packages that can become smaller… or something like that. If you’re tired of towing a vehicle behind your RV only to find that the space you’ve reserved isn’t big enough for your haul, let Demco Products introduce you to the KarKaddy SS. It can handle front wheel drive vehicles up to 4,800 pounds and when you arrive, you can fold it in half and stow it away for safe and convenient keeping. Click here to find out more.

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KarKaddy 3 Tow Dolly

The KarKaddy 3

The most important abilities with any tow dolly are reliability, durability and capability, and you get all three with the KarKaddy 3 from Demco Products. This renowned model can hook up to your RV and tow a front wheel drive vehicle up to 4,800 pounds stress-free and works for towed vehicles with tire tread widths ranging from 42 to 76 inches. Click here to learn more.

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KarKaddy X

The KarKaddy X

Do you wonder how you’re going to safely and smoothly tow a vehicle behind your RV that has a lower clearance? Do you cringe every time you hit a bump with your existing tow dolly? Demco Products has your solution with the KarKaddy X. Its load angle is reduced by 4 degrees and it’s wider so you can take that lower-riding, wider vehicle with you on your next trip. Click here for more information.

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Tow Dolly Accessories

Tow Dolly Accessories

Most people need certain “things” to go with their tow dollies in order to make their RV trip as enjoyable as possible when they’re taking a second vehicle with them. Demco Products offers a full line of tow dolly accessories that will have you riding smoothly and safely and, most importantly, enjoying peace of mind when you hit the road. Click here to review our inventory.

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