80 Gallon

Superior Product Cleanout

Demco's 80 gallon Pro Series sprayers are available in a variety of applications. These sprayers can be purchased as a skid mount, rear mount or trailer mount with gas or electric pumps. They are also available with 80" to 18' booms or rear fold booms. A new option for our 60 and 80 gallon sprayers is an in-cab control console making it easier to control your pump and boom. These versatile sprayers are not “off the shelf” mass produced sprayers. If you are serious about getting your spraying done right and want a high quality sprayer, you need to seriously look at Demco Pro Series sprayers.

Our Pro Series sprayers have a molded-in baffle in the tank for excellent agitation, along with a deep sump for uninterrupted application and superior product clean-out. No corners are cut on the construction of our sprayer frames and booms. We know sprayers and we know how to deliver quality.

  • 80 gallon tank with a sloped bottom sump for total drainage, 5" fillwell, and 1 1⁄4" outlet.
  • Gallon and liter markings on the tank.
  • Agitation standard on all tanks.
  • Special molded-in baffling in bottom of tanks for enhanced agitation.
  • Pocket on top side of tank for extra chemical or fresh water jug.
  • Rugged 12 gauge formed steel skid frame.
  • 18 x 9.50 flotation tires on silver rims for trailer models.
  • Electronic, diaphragm pump with Viton® valves will deliver 5 GPM. Draws 9 amps at 20 PSI.
  • 3 HP Honda® engine with centrifugral pump will deliver 12 GPM @ 50 PSI - 65 PSI maximum pressure.
  • 3.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine with C4101GE pump delivering
  • 6 GPM at 2600 RPM and 50 PSI. 150 PSI max.
  • 4 HP Honda® with “Silver Cast” pump (XL4101).
  • Hypro® 6 roller PTO pump (C6500D) will deliver 8 GPM at 540 RPM and 50 PSI. 150 PSI max.
  • Handgun with 15’ hose (380RB).
  • 80” spray boom with 2 nozzles (AN1.5), 12’ spray boom with 4 nozzles and spring loaded boom break away or 18’ boom with 6 nozzles.
  • Rear mount fits category “1” three-point.
  • Skid dimensions 26.5" wide x 34" long x 39" high.


Model & Pump

Part Number
946411180 Gallon Skid with electric 5 GPM pump. Skid base is 26 1⁄2" wide x 34" deep
946406780 Gallon Skid with 3.5 HP B&S engine and C4101GE pump Skid base is 26 1⁄2" wide x 34" deep
946406980 Gallon Skid with 4 HP Honda® and “Silver Cast” pump (XL4101) Skid base is 26 1⁄2" wide x 34" deep
946410280 Gallon Skid with Ace centrifugal pump and 3 HP Honda®engine (1-section)
946409780 Gallon Skid with Ace centrifugal pump and 3 HP Honda® engine (3-section)
946408680 Gallon Rear Mount with electric 5 GPM pump
946408880 Gallon Rear Mount with PTO 6 roller pump for 80", 12', or 18' boom (1-section)
946409080 Gallon Rear Mount with PTO 6 roller pump for 21', 28', or 30' boom (3-section)

Boom with Plumbing

Part Number
80B2580" Boom (2 nozzles)(40" spacing)
DB1212' Boom (1 section)(4 nozzles)(40" spacing)
DB1818' Boom (1 section)(6 nozzles)(40" spacing)
94281472 Nozzle Boomless Kit (includes 2 FC-XT010 tips, sprays approximately 30')
94281492 Nozzle Boomless Kit Roller/Centrifugal Pump (sprays approximately 30')
DB21TDF21' Truss-T boom (1 section)(13 nozzles) See Components Section for tips
DB30TDF30' Truss-T boom (1 section)(19 nozzles)


Part Number
9428114Hose Reel with 50' of 3/8" hose (uses existing handgun)
25660-3Lawn & turf gun with #3 nozzle
CRATELTL freight shipments require crating