Hydraulic Trailer Brake Assembly

Hydraulic Brake display image

A Demco hydraulic brake assembly includes the backing plate, brake shoes and springs, and is available in 10", 12", 13" diameters. We also sell drum brakes in 10", 12" ad 13" sizes. Ready to bolt onto the trailer axle brake mounting flange, a hydraulic trailer brake assembly system includes one or more pairs of foundation brake assemblies, brake drum or hub assemblies, a tongue mounted hydraulic brake actuator, and a brake line kit. In addition to the normal setup, an electric-over-hydraulic brake actuator may be used. Note that in the listings below, left refers to the driver's side while right refers to the passenger side.

Demco 10" Hydraulic Brake Assemblies

Available as free backing brakes, uni-servo brakes and duo-servo brakes, the Demco 10" hydraulic trailer brake assembly is rated for 3,500 lbs. axles and gives you the right amount of braking for your needs. Incorporating a "fall-away" shoe that reduces shoe drag when in reverse, our free backing brakes are good for standard forward braking and minimal reverse braking -- and they also require periodic manual adjustment.

With a galvanized back plate and stainless steel spring hardware, as well as a plated wheel cylinder and riveted marine brake shoe, you get stable braking when moving forward and some reverse braking in a pinch if you ever need it. If you need more reverse braking power, our uni-servo brakes bump up your reverse braking to 15 to 20 percent of full braking power, and our duo-servo brakes give you all 100 percent of your braking power while in reverse.

Demco 12" Hydraulic Brake Assemblies

For larger axles up to 5,200 lbs. and wheels up to 14.5" to 16", the Demco 12" hydraulic trailer brake assembly gives you the braking you need for your larger and more demanding trailer. Available as free backing and uni-servo types, these robust brakes are built to take a beating and never give up with galvanized back plates, stainless steel spring hardware, a plated wheel cylinder and a riveted marine brake shoe.

Depending on whether you need reliable reverse braking, Demco 12" brakes can give you a bit of reverse braking in a pinch if you need it (our free backing brakes) or up to 15 to 20 percent full braking capability with our uni-servo brakes. Weighing 19 pounds each, our brakes are great for replacing that old, finicky brake or updating multiple trailers for years of reliable service.

Demco 13" Hydraulic Brake Assemblies

For the biggest trailers and hauling needs, a Demco 13" hydraulic trailer brake assembly gives you dependable braking on 16" to 22.5" wheels and are available as free backing brakes and uni-servo brakes. Whether you need minimal reverse braking as with our free backing brakes or up to 20 percent reliable reverse braking as with our uni-servo brake clusters, a Demco 13" brake won't let you down when you need it most. Made from the same high-quality components of our other brake assemblies, a Demco 13" brake assembly is great for larger jobs that need a more robust brake.

Drums for Brake Assemblies

Demco also makes brake assemblies for your 10", 12" or 13" brakes, as well as flanges and other items. Compatible with five, six and eight-bolt wheels, as well as A and B styles, a Demco brake drum is a great way to outfit just one trailer or many with the braking and stopping power that you need. Call us today to see how we can help you get the trailer components you need with Demco.