Tow Bars

Revolutionize the RV Lifestyle & Experience.

Overtime, throughout the RV Industry, products, people’s skills, and business in general continue to change. At Demco Products, this is no different. We strive to bring new ideas, products and designs to the RV market place. The Victory Series tow bars from Demco will revolutionize the RV Lifestyle and Experience.

The Commander, The Excalibar II, and the Dominator are all self supporting, self aligning and self leveling. Each arm moves independent of each other, a FIRST, in the RV industry. Hooking up and disconnecting a tow vehicle from a motor home has never been so easy. All 3 tow bars incorporate the Patented Easy Trigger Release, providing virtually flawless hookup and disconnect. This non-binding system performs extremely well under the harshest of conditions. Commander; Excalibar II; The Dominator; the Victory Series by Demco. Demco – The Name to Know When You Tow!!

  • Commander 2

    Commander 2

    Strength and durability stand out. A square steel tubular construction is utilized in the Commander 2’s design.

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  • Dominator


    The Demco Dominator tow bar incorporates steel and aluminum components into its modular design

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  • Excali-Bar 3

    Excali-Bar 3

    The name Excalibar 3 has earned a reputation in the RV industry for its strength, durability and assurance.

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  • Kwik Tow

    Kwik Tow

    The economical Kwik Tow features 5000lbs of towing capacity. Limited Lifetime warranty.

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  • Sentry Deflector

    Sentry Deflector

    The Sentry® tow bar deflector is constructed of resilient, high density polyethylene.

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  • Tow Bar Accessories

    Tow Bar Accessories

    If you are looking for the complete package when it comes to towing accessories then look no further.

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