Tow Bars

Frustration-free towing with Demco Tow bars! All our Tow Bars are self-supporting, self-aligning and self-leveling.

1) Each arm moves independently of each other, a FIRST in the RV industry. Hooking up and disconnecting a tow vehicle from a motor home has never been so easy.

2) All 3 tow bars incorporate the Patented Easy Trigger Release, providing virtually flawless hookup and disconnect. This non-binding system performs extremely well under the harshest of conditions.

These models address the common problems and challenges that we’ve heard about when talking to people who drive RVs. Now you can take a second vehicle and not have to worry about whether or not you’ve hooked the vehicle up correctly, how secure it is, how to disengage the tow bar or even where to store it when you arrive, as every model can be put out of the way quickly and easily. This is what we mean when we talk about innovation and moving forward, as towing a vehicle behind an RV should not be an extreme challenge or something people look to avoid.

Below you’ll find the details for each of our models in this series. Take a look at them as well as our full line of accessories to find exactly what you need. We’re excited to begin working with you, and we hope you’re excited to put the Demco Products brand to work for you. You’ll be glad that you did, and we wish you well on your travels.

Why Choose Demco Tow Bars? (article by OneSourceRV)

Dominator Tow Bar 9511008

The Dominator Tow Bar

How can something that weighs only 30 pounds handle towing cargo that weighs nearly 4 tons? The Dominator does just that with its towing capacity of 7,500 pounds. Click here to see how it can also fold nicely for easy storage, how its safety cables won’t have you worrying about your shins or dragging and how your entire towing experience can become… well... dominant.

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9511012 Tow Bar

The Commander 2 Tow Bar

Are you ready to take full command of your RV towing experience? Let us introduce you to the Commander 2, packing 6,000 pounds of raw towing power into a neat 41-pound package. You can also take command of your hookups and disengagements, as the Commander 2 comes with independent arms that make these processes a snap. Click here to learn more.

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9511013 Tow Bar

The Excali-Bar 3 Tow Bar

Are you a contortionist? Have you ever won a limbo contest? If not and you drive an RV that tows a vehicle, you need to click through to take a closer look at the Excali-Bar 3 from Demco Products. This little powerhouse weighs only 46 pounds, but can handle 10,500. The arms are independent, so you can remove one to step towards the other. The towing angle is also adjustable, ensuring a smooth ride.

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Smaller tow bar base plate accessories

Tow Bar Accessories

It’s always those “little extras” that make all the difference, isn’t it? When it comes to tow bars, pins, light bars, safety cables, storage covers or other things that you may need given your individual situation. Take a look at what Demco Products has to offer in terms of our tow bar accessories to complete each and every towing experience.

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Revolutionize the RV Lifestyle & Experience

Traveling in an RV is a rewarding experience for a lot of different reasons. You can see the countryside, get close to nature when you park and take your time seeing what there is to see instead of flying over it and missing everything. That’s why millions of people choose this form of transportation for their leisure travel, and that’s also why so many people build their lifestyles around RVs. They’re fun, they’re relatively convenient and you can set your own schedule and do what you want to do, when you want to do it. At the end of the day, you can simply relax, have something to eat and get some sleep. You can’t say that about any other mode of travel.

However, traveling via RV can also involve a lot of work. This is especially true if you’re going to tow a smaller vehicle behind that RV so that you can move around more easily after you find a place to park and set up camp. For years, tow bars used for hauling vehicles were heavy, cumbersome, huge and difficult to manage and manipulate properly. They were also complicated to hook up, to disengage and to store. In many cases, people would avoid bringing that second vehicle and either drive their RV or stay put at their camp.

Over time, throughout the RV Industry, products, people’s skills, and business, in general, continue to change. At Demco Products, this is no different. We strive to bring new ideas, products, and designs to the RV marketplace. The award winning Victory Series tow bars from Demco have revolutionized the RV Lifestyle and Experience.

That’s because we took a long, hard look at what people liked about their tow bars and, perhaps more importantly, what they didn’t like. We did whatever we could to make towing easier without sacrificing any of the safety and security that everyone needs when they tow a vehicle behind their RVs. After all, no innovation is worthwhile if you’re sacrificing peace of mind and taking on unnecessary risks. Our Victory Series tow bars achieve the proverbial “best of both worlds” in that we have achieved a high level of innovation and advancement while continuing to provide safe and secure towing capabilities.