Braking Systems for Towed Vehicles

Which Braking System do you need?

What type of coach are you using: Air Brake or Hydraulic Brake?

Hydraulic Brake Coach: Stay-IN-Play Duo

Do you prefer coach notification in the cab of the coach?Yes = 9599018No = 9599006

Air Brake Coach: Air Force One

Do you prefer coach notification in the cab of the coach?Yes = 9599019No = 9599007

Is the coach already factory-prepped or previously prepped with Air Force One?

Check with your Coach's Chassis company to find out if the coach is factory-prepped

If YES:Freightliner prepped with Freightliner Brake Sync9599020
Spartan Chassis prepped with Spartan Safe Haul6271 and 6296
Tiffin Prepped or previously prepped with AFO9599021

Do you already use the AFO and want to set up a 2nd vehicle to tow? 6271

Air Force One Braking Systems for Towed Vehicles

Air Force One Braking System

Our Air Force One supplemental braking system is a truly innovative, one-of-a-kind standard for its industry. With safety and efficient design in mind, it’s the only air brake that meets DOT and chassis regulations. Air Force One’s straightforward application makes it ideal for cars and motorhomes without the hassle of pulleys, catches or springs.

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Stay-IN-Play DUO Braking Systems for Towed Vehicles

Stay-IN-Play DUO Braking System

An ideal supplemental braking system for every car and motorhome with a hydraulic braking system, the Stay-IN-Play DUO uses Demco’s patented technology to create a dual-signal system (brake lights and inertia) for progressive brake activation. This results in faster, more precise signals between the motorhome and towed vehicle for additional safety, longevity and easy handling.

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Delta Force Braking Systems for Towed Vehicles

Delta Force Braking System

The Delta Force is our universal, portable solution for motorhomes everywhere. With a flexball actuator mount and set-it-once pedal clamp, set-up is simple without any additional fuss. With the same accurate dual-signal (brake lights and inertia) of our Stay-IN-Play DUO, you can expect smoother, accurate breaking with the additional benefit of it being 75% smaller than competitor models.

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Wireless Coachlink Braking Systems for Towed Vehicles

Wireless Coachlink for Braking Systems

Our Demco wireless Coachlink sets itself apart from the competition through its reliable wireless signaling, even when motorhomes have electromagnetic interference caused by items like GPS and satellite radio. With instant visual feedback, audible tone indication and an easy plug-in setup, towing safety and signaling has never been more convenient.

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SBS Accessories Braking Systems for Towed Vehicles

Accessories and Replacement Parts for Braking Systems

Get all the additional SBS accessories you need so you can have optimal performance for your motorhome and towed vehicles. We over everything from smart car brackets to coiled airlines, conversion kits and reinstallation kits. Regardless of which product of ours you purchase, our accessories can make the installation and use of towing systems possible.

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Videos for Braking Systems

Installation and instructional videos for Braking Systems

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Installing and Troubleshooting Demco Braking Systems

Want to know more about our supplemental braking systems and how you can install them? We have all the answers to your questions and more, whether you want to know more about battery compatibility, brake functionality, notification lights and more. You can also find helpful videos and more technical information from our specialists.

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Vehicle Install Pictures

Towed Vehicle Install Pictures

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Coach Install Pictures

Coach Install Pictures

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Supplemental Brakes for Safer Towing

Enjoy a truly safe supplemental braking system that takes the load off of your motorhome by allowing both your motorhome and the towed vehicle to brake simultaneously. When you need to stop quickly, our supplemental brakes will require less time and distance when you make a controlled stop on the road. This also helps to reduce the strain on your tow bar and mounting brackets. Stopping in a panic without a proper supplemental brake in place is one of the leading causes for failure in your towing system.

Using one of our supplemental brakes will also reduce the risk of catastrophic brake failure in your motorhome, which is typically caused by sustained braking while driving.

Stay within Local Regulations with Ease

No one wants to get ticketed while driving to their vacation destination. Each state in the U.S. has different laws and restrictions for tow loads, and investing in one of our supplemental brakes is a surefire way to avoid running into trouble with regulations surrounding your towing system. Regardless of the state you travel to, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re safe and well within the regulation limits regardless of whether you’re towing a little over 1,000 pounds or more than 5,000 pounds.

Towing Laws Map of US by State

Towing Somewhere? Demco has your back

Our Supplemental Braking System’s patented features provide the absolute cutting-edge in towed vehicle braking technology. Our integrated braking systems, the Air Force One and the Stay-in-Play Duo, give you the advantage of having no set-up time when towing. The Air Force One system is for your diesel coach or RV with air brakes; the Stay-in-Play Duo is for your gas coach or RV with hydraulic brakes. The Delta Force is our universal, portable braking system. This system is easily interchangeable from one vehicle to another but does require some set-up when towing.

Dual Signal Design

Both our Delta Force (our universal portable solution for supplemental brakes) and our Stay-in-Play DUO (our system for hydraulic brake motorhomes) are equipped with a dual-signal progressive action that makes them unique from any other competitor. With our dual-signal system, brake signals are faster and more accurate, ultimately helping your vehicle brake and tow system to last longer.

Our systems are also specially designed to be easy to set up and come with industry-leading warranties. Enjoy a hydraulic supplemental brake without any pulleys, catches or springs to deal with or the quality of an air brake system that meets both DOT and chassis regulations.

The Demco Difference

Our braking systems are more efficient, easier to install and cost less than other braking systems. And because we strive to provide our customers with the best customer service, we conduct 100% finished product testing with 300% on critical components. We believe in our braking systems so much that we offer the industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Have any questions or want to order one of our products today? Contact us here or easily locate a dealer near you and contact our specialists to learn more about the best option for your motorhome. Getting quality supplemental brakes at a great price should not be challenging, and we strive to service all of our customers with the utmost quality and efficiency.