Side Dump

Circle R by Demco

Circle R Side Dump by Demco trailers have the lowest center of gravity in the industry. The bottom of the tub actually sits inside and below the top of the chassis frame rails. This allows for increased stability when hauling as the weight of the load is closer to the ground than those whose dump bodies sit entirely above the chassis frame rails. The low center of gravity reduces the risk of tipping over the trailer during the dump cycle without sacrificing proper dump angle; and creates a lower loading height.

Innovative design is one of the hallmarks of the Circle R by Demco's success within the side dump marketplace. Many of these features are exclusive to Circle R Side Dump Trailers by Demco. They are intended to reduce total cost of ownership by decreasing maintenance, increasing durability, and enhancing resale value.

  • FLX-500 Dump Body
  • Low Cut Center Divider
  • Massive Single G-Rail
  • Six Pivot Points
  • Greaseless Dump Body Pivots
  • Single Sided Dump Change
  • Dump Direction Indicators
  • 20" Deep Frame Rails
  • Lowest Center of Gravity
  • Rounded Vee Dump Body Design
  • EdgeFlex Fenders
  • Bolt-On Push Block
  • Bolt-On UnderRide
  • LED Lighting