Wireless Coachlink for Braking Systems

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  • Plugs into coach power port
  • Instant visual feedback that brakes are applied
  • Transmits signal from towed-vehicle
  • Positive “Brakes on” light
  • Audible tone indication lets you know your Demco SBS is working flawlessly

The motorhomes of today are packed with a wide variety of useful electronics from GPS to satellite radio. As helpful and convenient as such features are, they produce something known as electromagnetic interference (EMI).This has given wireless systems in the braking industry a bad reputation. The wireless CoachLink is a completely FCC compliant solution developed for and tested in motorhomes, not just a bench. As such, the integrity of the wireless signal is second to none. CoachLink monitors the connectivity to towed vehicle, displaying braking effort. It offers visual / audible alerts.