Gondola Scrap Trailers

40' Green scrap trailer

40' Gondola Scrap Trailer

Available in a compact 40' length with 4' or 8' side walls, these gondola scrap trailers are great for smaller jobs or when you just don't have the space for a larger trailer. With 22.5 tandem axles and one axle ABS brake standard, as well as a robust, three-leaf, heavy duty suspension, our gondola scrap trailers are rugged and built to last through countless jobs.

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44' Gondola Scrap Trailer

When the smaller 40' trailer just won't do, our 44' gondola scrap trailers have significant capacity of 53 to 104 cubic yards (4' to 8' walls, respectively). Our walls are Made out of 1/8" HARDOX 450 steel, with wall heights of 4', 5', 6' and 8' ensures that whatever the job entails, you'll be ready to handle it with a Demco gondola scrap trailer.

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Green scrap trailer

48' Gondola Scrap Trailer

For larger jobs, a 48' gondola scrap trailer from Demco provides 57 to 113 cubic yards of capacity and is available with 4', 5', 6' and 8' sidewall heights. With a maximum tare weight of 22,040 pounds, you can be sure that even the most intensive disposal needs are a cinch with a Demco gondola scrap trailer.

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Red scrap trailer

53' Gondola Scrap Trailer

For the biggest jobs, our 53' gondola scrap trailer allows you to pack in the most junk in between trips to the scrap yard. With side walls of 7' and 8', you can get the perfect trailer to fit your needs, all while the rigid 1/8" HARDOX 450 steel walls and 4mm HARDOX 500 Tuf steel floors on all of our gondola trailers gives you peace of mind that your scrap trailer will last job after job.

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For the toughest jobs, a gondola scrap trailer from Demco gives you strength, flexibility and reliability unmatched by our competitors. Crafted from tough, HARDOX steel, our gondola scrap trailers are available in 4', 5', 6', 7' and 8' heights to match the needs of each and every job, no matter how unique. Made from 4 mm HARDOX 500 Tuf floors and 1/8" HARDOX 450 walls, our trailers can take whatever the job demands and then some, and their reliability means they can be put into continuous use without fear of breakdown or replacement.

Featuring 22.5k tandem axles with one axle ABS brake, as well as 3-leaf, heavy duty suspension, a Demco scrap trailer is in full compliance with all laws and DOT regulations, even featuring conspicuity tape and rubber mounted lights. Furthermore, our gondola scrap trailers come with a sealed wiring system, color coded break lines, two-speed landing gear, and a beautiful Diamond Vogel polyurethane primer and paint exterior, all phosphate washed and caulked prior to paint, so each trailer will work and look great for years.

If our standard scrap trailer leaves you wanting more, Demco still has you covered. Options include ABS brakes on the second axle, I.L.O. standard lights, a load binder or Vented Tail Gate, as well as spring and air ride configurations. Additionally, those who want additional customization can add a toolbox, spare tire carrier and aluminum rims to get even more out of their trailer.

From local use to general utility, medium range and even extended highway needs, a Demco scrap trailer gives you the dependability and flexibility to take on any job. Because of the irregular size of various scrap metals, a gondola trailer lets you reduce the number of trips, which can help make a job more profitable with less resources and time. While most use these trailers for the transport of scrap metal for recycling or disposal, they're also great for transporting materials during construction jobs and even moving the odd boulder or two. With a Demco gondola scrap trailer, there's no limit to the amount of stuff you can transport, and our rigid construction and long-lasting paint and trim means many years of faithful service.

Here at Demco, we've put customers first since we started back in 1950. And with 70 years experience building the tools that help our customers do their best, it's why our motto is, "Doing our best to provide you the best." We know our customers demand a lot, but once they see the durability and flexibility of a Demco scrap trailer, the next question usually is, "How can I buy one?" We'd love to show you. Contact us to find out more.

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