Tow Bar Accessories

Wireless LED Light Bar

Achieve turn signals and brake lights for your towed vehicle effortlessly, without the need to tap into its wiring. The light bar conveniently connects to your car's 12-volt port, and a wireless transmitter seamlessly links to your 7-way, ensuring your safety and legal compliance during flat or dolly towing.

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Tow Bar Storage Cover

The Demco Tow Bar Storage Cover will protect your tow bar from the elements.

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Sentry Deflector

Secure robust protection for the front of your towed vehicle with this polyethylene shield, engineered to divert rocks and debris away from your bumper during flat towing.

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Diode System Combo Kit

Prepare for flat towing with this comprehensive accessory kit. The diode kit efficiently transmits turn and brake signals from your RV to your towed vehicle.

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7 to 6 Way Adapter

Adapter allows vehicles wired with 7-RV Blade socket to tow vehicles/trailers with 6-way round connector.

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Diode Kit

4 heat sealed diodes that connect your Motorhomes running lights, turn signals and brake lights to your towed vehicles while preventing the back flow of electrical feedback to protect both vehicles electrical system.

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Towed Vehicle Taillight Wiring/Diode Kit

Heat-sealed diodes to connect your motor home’s running lights, turn signals and brake lights to your towed vehicle.

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Flex - Coiled Wiring Cables

Expandable coiled wiring cables that connect the electricity from the motor home to the towed vehicle.

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Drop/Raise Receivers

Aids in achieving the proper towing height and can be turned up or down to solve the “out of level” towing situation.

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Tow Bar/Baseplate Locks

Add an element of safety to your tow bar! With this you can lock your tow bar to your motorhome’s receiver.

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9523001 Baseplate Mounting Kit

Classic Style Baseplate Adapters

Adapts Demco Tow Bars and Baseplates to other Manufacturers' baseplates and Tow Bars

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