Autoslide - Automatic Sliding 5th Wheel Hitches

Why buy an Autoslide?

  1. Cornering in tight spaces: you won't need to get in and out of the truck to pull a pin like you do with manual sliding hitches!
  2. Extra clearance between the truck cab and the trailer when turning: Automatically slides 14" or 22.5" (depending on the model) to allow for the extra clearance, especially with short truck boxes.
  3. Double Pivot Head Technology: makes hooking up and disconnecting safe and easy, even when parked on uneven terrain.
  4. Eliminates hitch noise: Polyurethane bumpers integrated in to the head of the hitch to eliminate any noise from the hitch when towing.
  • Does your trailer have a pin box? You may need one of our optional locking plates. Click here for a complete list.
  • This hitch may allow 90-degree turns, but NOT IN EVERY CASE.
  • Please consult the vehicle owner's manual for 5th-wheel towing instructions.

13K Autoslide

Meet our custom-designed hitch, tailor-made for ½ ton pickups with a 5.5-foot bed. With a 22.5" sliding feature and a lateral movement of 2.75" during turns, this hitch offers unmatched versatility, providing extra clearance for the bed rails or tonneau cover rails. Elevate your towing experience with precision engineering and practical design.

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18K Autoslide

Introducing a versatile hitch crafted for 6.5-foot bed trucks, offering 14" of travel. Compatible with ½, ¾, and 1-ton trucks like F150/250/350, Chevy/GMC, or Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 series. Ideal for 5th wheel campers up to 18,000 pounds GVWR. Upgrade your towing experience effortlessly.

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21K Autoslide

Introducing a high-performance hitch tailored for 6.5-foot bed trucks. Featuring 14" of travel, it's designed for ¾ ton and 1-ton trucks such as F250/350, Chevy/GMC, or Ram 2500 and 3500 series. Ready for 5th wheel campers up to 21,000 pounds GVWR, this hitch elevates your towing capabilities with precision and strength.

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Demco's Motorhead Garage Debut

If it GOES, automotive journalist Dave Dobson and the Motorhead Garage crew are fans. They bring their love for all things motorized to your living room as they modify cars, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles using aftermarket equipment, ranging from the tried-and-true to the innovative and new.

Demco was given the opportunity to shoot the feature for Motorhead Garage. Check out the video below!

The Autoslide automatic sliding hitch is designed for short bed trucks to give additional clearance between the truck’s cab and the trailer during turning maneuvers. This hitch may allow 90 degree turns, but NOT IN EVERY CASE. There are many variable that can influence the ability to make a full 90 degree turn, such as the trailer width, sharp or rounded trailer corners, and truck cab profile. The placement of the trailer king pin box also has a part in determining the turning ability of the truck and trailer. It is always recommended, even with an automatic sliding hitch, that the trailer be equipped with an extended pin box that projects out forward from the trailer. Caution should always be exercised when using this or any hitch to ensure that the driver is aware of the clearance between the truck and trailer when executing turning maneuvers.