150 & 200 Gallon ATV Sprayer copy

Available in capacities of 150 or 200 gallons and either single axle or tandem axle, the Demco ATV sprayer is the perfect choice for a smaller sprayer to pull behind your ATV, UTV, or small tractor to get the job done.

Different pump and boom options are available for you to equip this sprayer to meet your specific needs. Complete with durable construction, jet agitation, a molded sight gauge, a sump, and no-splash cover, the high quality Demco ATV trailer sprayer is perfect for spot spraying or spraying smaller fields and pastures.

200 gallon ATV sprayer with Boom
  • 150 or 200 gallon polyethylene elliptical tank features jet agitation, sump, molded sight gauge and fillwell with a no-splash fillwell cover.
  • Trailer frame features height adjustment of up to 18" ground clearance, walking tandem axles with 22 x 11 x 8 pneumatic tires, or single axle with 24 x 12 turf tires, adjustable wheel spacing of (44" to 90" centers tandem)(72" to 90" singles).
  • 2" ball coupler hitch.
  • Walking tandems feature “lockout” for rigid axle spraying.
  • 21/2 gallon clean water tank is mounted for added safety.
  • PTO-driven roller pump: Hypro® cast iron 6 roller pump (C6500D) delivers a maximum of 9.7 GPM at 540 RPM (open flow).
  • Hypro® engine driven straight centrifugal pump: Pump delivers 94 GPM at 30 PSI. Maximum pressure is 70 PSI.
  • Demco’s 21', 30', 45 or 60 booms feature horizontal and vertical break-away hinges and 1/2" rubber hose with no-drip diaphragm check nozzles spaced at 20". 8' transport width.

Note: Sprayer is less spray tips. Factory set up is available.


Tank/Trailer Frame Assembly

Part Number
9464055150 Gallon Tandem Axle Tank and Trailer Assembly
9464056200 Gallon Tandem Axle Tank and Trailer Assembly


150 Gallon ATV Single Axle Tank and Trailer Assembly
9464123200 Gallon ATV Single Axle Tank and Trailer Assembly

Tank/Trailer Frame Assembly 45 & 60 Front Fold

Part NumberDescription
9464124200 Gallon ATV Tandem Axle Tank and Trailer Assembly

Pumps and Plumbing Kit

Part Number

5.5 HP Honda® Gas Engine with Centrifugal Pump and Plumbing Kit


5.5 HP Honda® Gas Engine with Centrifugal Pump and Plumbing Kit Electric Start

9970100PTO Mounted 6 Roller Pump and Plumbing Kit

PTO Mounted 6 Roller “Silver Cast” Pump and Plumbing Kit for 21’ & 30’ Boom


Part Number
9465037Manual Control Valves

Electric Plunger Control Valves


Raven® 450 Sprayer Control with Ball Valves

9428182Raven 450 Control Less Console/Wheel Sensor

Boom with Plumbing

Part Number
DB21TDF21' Truss-T boom (1 section)(13 nozzles) See Components Section for tips
DB30TDF30' Truss-T boom (1 section)(19 nozzles)
DB40TDF40' Truss-T, rear cross-fold boom (25 nozzles) spray tips not included

Boom without Plumbing

Part NumberDescription
948814445’ Front Fold boom
9428180TeeJet® Drip Free (27 Nozzles) for 45’ Front Fold Plumbing
948814360’ Front Fold boom
9428178TeeJet® Drip Free (37 Nozzles) for 60’ Front Fold Plumbing


Part Number
SU157Factory setup (Boom may be removed for shipping.)
DHRHose Reel with 100’ of 1/2" Hose. Reel will hold 200’ (Handgun included)


Factory setup with 40’ & 60’ Boom (boom may be removed for shipping.)

9428003Fence Line Spray Kit, Manual


Feeder Line Filter
9428181Electric Boom Wing Leveling - 45’ & 60’ Front Fold