1300 & 1500 Grain Carts

Grain Cart Specifications
Capacity1300+ Bu.
1500+ Bu.
Balanced Auger Size
Unloading Time (bu/min.)
Spindle Size
D=4 1/2" S=5 1/2"
D=4 1/2" S=5 1/2"
Tractor HP Required
Hub Size
10 bolt - 13.19"
20 bolt
Tread Width (stand.)
Tread Width (opt.)
Tongue Frame
Tongue Weight (empty)
1,450 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
Tongue Weight (loaded)
6,000 lbs.
6,200 lbs.
Weight/Wheels & Tires
16,100 lbs.
16,500 lbs.

* Bushel capacity measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture content (56 lb. test weight)

* 1102/1272 track units will increase the carts capacity 20 to 30 bushels

Standard Features

• 1 ¾ - 1000 RPM PTO

Protect auger driver and tractor PTO with the automatic reset “cut-out” clutch with overrunning clutch

• Adjustable austempered cast hitch, fits category 4 or 5 hammer strap tractor drawbar

High visibility - reflective decals

• LED Tail, flasher/turn signal lights and auger spotlight for nighttime operation

Tube and truss design

• Welded box construction with silicone sealed seams resists rust and corrosion

• Heavy duty spindles and hubs


• 20” diameter balanced auger with 3/8” flighting and Posi-Drive connection

• UltraFlyte made with 1008/1010 high carbon steel including a thicker outer edge, resulting in up to 50% longer wear and faster conveying

• Forward reach auger for optimum operator visibility

• 2 stage unload auger folding cylinder


• Roll top tarp

• Ergonomic pendant control

• Scale kits

• Hydraulic Drive Kit - High Speed/Torque

• Camso Track Systems - 100 Series, 36” Wide Belt

• Soucy Track Systems - 36” Wide Belt

NOTES ON HYDRAULICS: A standard grain cart requires two hydraulic remotes. The optional adjustable spout requires an additional hydraulic remote. Additional 35 - 40 GPM oil flow is required for hydraulic unloading drive. 70 GPM max oil flow is required for high speed high torque hydraulic unloading drive.


A Auger extends to side

B Box width (transport)w/1250s: 15'10"w/1250s: 16'1"
C Height, low side12'12'3"
D Ground clearance16"16"
E Auger extends to frontNANA
F Box length25'9"25'9"
G Box height (high side)13'1"13'5"
H Total length29'29'
I Axle to tongue length16'10"16'10"
J Drawbar/tongue height20"20"
K Auger clearance height13'9"13'9"