Pro Series Sprayers: 14-200 Gallon

Better Agitation, Better Drainage

Many lawn sprayer manufacturers are good at supplying an affordable, easy-to-assemble product, but their functionality is a big secret until you use it for the first time. Less than desirable agitation and poor drainage are the results acquired from off-the-shelf tank designs.

At Demco, we designed a tank specifically for our Pro Series sprayers. A molded-in baffle system provides excellent circulation and chemical suspension, and a large deep sump ensures uninterrupted application.

Pro Series 25 gallon sprayer

14 & 25 Gallon

The 14 and 25 gallon are high quality ATV mounted sprayers. Great for spraying weeds on your lawn, garden, or acreage.

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40 gallon Pro Series Pull Sprayer

40 Gallon

The versatile 40 gallon sprayers can be purchased as a skid mount, a rear mount, or as a trailer. These sprayers contain a molded-in baffle for enhanced agitation, a deep sump for uninterrupted application and complete product clean-out.

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60 gallon skid with 4 HP Honda® motor and pump

60 Gallon

Demco Pro Series sprayers are not your "off the shelf" mass-produced sprayer. These are high quality sprayers for your lawn, garden, and acreage applications.

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80 gallon Pro Series sprayer on Bobcat UTV

80 Gallon

The 80 gallon sprayers can be purchased as a skid mount, rear mount or trailer mount with gas or electric pumps. These are available with 80" to 18' booms or rear fold booms with an option of in-cab control console to easier control your pump and boom.

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110 Pro Series Skid sprayer

110 & 150 Gallon Skid Sprayers

Perfect for acreage spraying, the 110 or 115 gallon Pro Series sprayer can mount in the back of your pickup or flatbed trailer. The heavy duty form steel skid frame is built strong with the high quality you expect from Demco.

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150 Pro Series Sprayer

150 & 200 Gallon ATV Sprayer

The largest capacity Pro Series sprayers are the 150 and 200 gallon sprayers. These single or tandem axle sprayers are perfect for pulling behind your ATV, UTV, or small tractor for spot spraying or spraying small fields or pastures.

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