Tracks for Single Auger Grain Carts

Camso Track Systems for Single Auger Grain Carts

The Camso 70 Series Track System is for Demco 850/1000/1100 Single Aguer Grain Carts and is designed for larger footprints allowing higher weight capacity and low ground pressure performance. It provides low rolling 7 turning resistance for ease of pulling.

The 100 Series Trailed Track System is for Demco 1000/1100/1300/1500 Single Auger Grain Carts and increases the performance of high-capacity harvesting equipment. Its large footprint distributes the weight of heavier, high-capacity grain carts and reduces ground pressure between 30% to 80% compared to Tires.

Camso 70 Series Tracks
Track Width36"
Overall Length103.1"
Total Footprint4,850" x 2

Camso 100 Series Tracks

Track Width36"
Overall Length135.8"
Total Footprint7,210" x 2

Soucy Track Systems for 1100/1300/1500 Grain Carts

The Soucy OE grain cart track system is a 4 bogie track system with load capacity up to 110,000 lbs with a large footprint for maximum flotation. Designed for fitment of grain carts using a machine-specific axle for maximum durability under heavy loads.