Demco Grain Wagons

750 bushel Grain Wagon

750 SS Grain Wagons

Demco's 750 bushel grain wagon built stronger and safer

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650 SS Grain Wagons

Demco's 650 bushel grain wagon built stronger and safer

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500 SS Grain Wagons

Demco's 500 bushel grain wagon built stronger and safer

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Demco SS series grain wagons are strong, safe, and reliable, and their ability and convenience is unmatched in the field. From the 500 SS to the 750 SS, Demco grain wagons feature the easiest opening door in the industry, yet are robust and built to last day in and day out. Furthermore, an adjustable door opener means easy access from either side of the chute, and reflective decals and LED lights means our commitment to safety will help you avoid accidents out on the field when harvest time comes. Our large viewing windows of 12" by 24" allows you to see what's inside with just a quick glance, and a narrow box width also enhances visibility around the grain wagon.

Demco 500 SS Grain Wagon

With a large, 22" hand wheel and more chute clearance than our competitors, a Demco 500 SS grain wagon is tough, safe and ready for reliable service day after day, and can hold up to 500 bu. Featuring the aforementioned easiest opening door in the industry and adjustable door openers for easy access from either side of the chute, the 500 SS comes with all necessary safety decals and lights, as well as large viewing windows, more chute clearance than the other guys and interior bracing for less grain splatter. Cast spindle carriers, 3.5" bolt in spindles and an ergonomic tongue latch round out the features, and an optional roll top tarp and wheel fenders allows further customization.

Demco 650 SS Grain Wagon

Similar to our 500 SS grain wagon, the Demco 650 SS grain wagon comes with all the perks of a Demco grain wagon such as our easy-open door, adjustable door opener for dual-side chute access, reflective decals and lights, interior bracing to prevent splatter and a narrow box width to enhance visibility, as well as large viewing windows and increased chute clearance. Capable of holding 650 bu. with an 108" box width and 17'8" box length, the 650 SS has the same tight turning radius of 37' and 60" door openings of our other grain wagon models. Weighing 6,700 lbs., the 650 SS sits 10'2" tall on 22.5 tires mounted on strong, 10-bolt hubs. Note that bushel capacity is measured with #2 corn at 15 percent moisture content.

Demco 750 SS Grain Wagon

As the biggest grain wagon we make, the Demco 750 SS features the same assets that make our smaller grain wagons great, such as our easy open door, adjustable door opener, decals and lights, large viewing windows and more chute clearance -- all part of a grain wagon that is capable of holding 750 bu. Furthermore, the 750 SS, as well as all of our grain wagons, is capable of unmatched grain flow and durability and lead the industry in unloading performance due to our efficient designs. Additionally, heavy duty torsion bar suspension reduces wagon stress and improves ride handling for predictable usage and behavior each and every day. Lastly, standard fenders and 10-bolt hubs give this grain wagon the legs to do the job day in and day out.

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