Frame Bracket Kits for 5th Wheel Hitches

Fit All Major Makes & Models of Trucks

Demco 5th wheel frame brackets are engineered to fit all major makes and models of trucks. Demco offers three different mounting styles for our 5th wheel hitches:

1. Above Bed Mounting System (Premier Series) is our industry standard bed rail and use four bolts to mount the rails in the truck bed and connect to the brackets underneath.

2. Underbed Mounting System (UMS Series) uses no visible bed rails. This series of hitches mount to brackets underneath the truck box, requiring only four holes for the mounting pins to attach the hitch securely to the brackets underneath.

3. SL Series uses a manual slider rail that runs front to back in the truck bed and attached the bed rails with six bolts to connect to the brackets underneath.

Many of the frame brackets have “no drill” options for a simpler, time-saving installation.

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