Steel Grain Trailers

Designed by Grain Harvesters

Made by and for the working grain harvester, Demco steel hopper bottom trailers are built tough for everyday use, rain or shine.

Designed with ease of use and rugged durability in mind, our steel hopper bottom trailers are constructed with heavy, 14-gauge steel to minimize twisting and to meet the daily demands of our customers. Many will appreciate our standard 66" side walls, which provides a full view into the hopper from the combine cab, while our unique and exclusive vertical rib wall construction helps you save on gas by reducing air drag and preventing unsightly rock chips.

As a leading manufacturer of equipment for today's farms, shops, shipping and leisure needs, Demco has stood behind all of our products for over 70 years.

What is a Hopper Bottom Trailer?

Used extensively throughout the United States, hopper bottom trailers are common sights on our nation's freeways and play a significant role in American agriculture, though you might not know it just by looking at them. To many, hopper trailers look just like normal trailers or gondolas, but a hopper bottom has two distinct tricks up its sleeve.

First, it typically features an open top to enable quick and easy loading of grain or other materials, and in this way it is similar to a gondola scrap trailer that also features an open top. However, as hopper bottom trailers are usually filled with material that has a tendency to fly away in transit, like grain, these trailers typically feature a rolling tarp on top, which prevents the material inside from blowing or otherwise exiting out of the trailer.

Second, and most importantly, a hopper bottom trailer typically has two hoppers on the base that can be opened to deposit material from both halves of the trailer -- one for the back and one for the front. Operated by a crank handle, a sliding plate at the base of each hopper quickly deposits any material inside out the bottom with ease, which means, for the most part, that unloading needs no extra manpower or tools beyond just a few quick actions by one person.

As an integral part of harvest, hopper bottoms are used as a crucial link between grain carts and the final destination. It all starts with the combine harvester, which harvests crops from the field via reaping, threshing and winnowing, and unloads the harvest into grain carts. The grain carts in turn fill up the hopper bottom trailers, which are then attached to a semi tractor for transport locally, regionally or across the country. Once the grain gets to its final destination, the hoppers are opened via the crank, depositing the load into low-profile grain augers, which transport and store the grain in large grain bins, also known as silos. Or the grain is transported to the local elevator.

From your friends at Demco

Here at Demco, we love building tools that helps keep America going. From agriculture and construction products to towing and trailer components, we work hard so you can keep working. All of our products, including our hopper bottom trailers, are durable, reliable and built to last, and with over 70 years in business, our many happy customers have come to learn that Demco means quality, and that's something you can rely upon.

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