1200 Gallon SideQuest Side Mount Interactive Video

By mounting the Demco SideQuest tanks on the tractor longitudinal, the operator has superior visibility out of the tractor cab as compared to traditional mid mounted tanks.
The large centered sump of the Demco 1,200 gallon SideQuest tanks provides excellent drainage of the product in the tank. The large sump also keeps product in the sump while the tank is emptying while operating on side hills.
For 30'' row spacing, with the straddle duals set on the 120'' centers, Demco 1,200 gallon SideQuest saddle tanks are the highest capacity side mounted tanks with the narrowest transport width of 16' 11''.
The arms connecting to the tractor baseplates are "quick attach" allowing you to remove them when not using SideQuest on your tractor, without having to remove the baseplate. Drop channels connect the arm to the saddle providing strength & flexibility.
Demco's 1,200 gallon SideQuest saddle tank systems are exclusive to the industry- U.S. Patent No. 6,286,870. Brackets are available for wide row applicators.
Demco's 10 bolt cast iron hub spacer has been proven and tested to carry the load and keep you operating in the field. The cast iron hub spacer mounts on the outside of the tractor's dual wheel & connects to the spindle of the SideQuest. The 3.5'' diameter rear spindle has Timken USA bearings.
SideQuest 1,200 gallon saddle tanks are the highest capacity tanks available that allow you to operate with front duals on your MFWD tractor.
The extended rear axle spindle mount of SideQuest saddle tanks allow weight to be shifted to the rear of the tractor. The excellent front to rear weight distribution ration of 25% to the front and 75% to the rear relieves stress on the tractor front axle and chassis. All the weight of the SideQuest saddle tank systems is not on the tractor frame. Note- Rear duals on the tractor are required.
SideQuest saddle tanks from Demco provide you with the ability to apply fertilizer while planting, sidedress fertilizer with a Demco 3-point toolbar, and spray with a Demco 3-point sprayer boom. The provides you with excellent efficiency and flexibility in your farm operation.

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