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Demco Acquires Maurer Manufacturing

Maurer Manufacturing produces semi hopper bottom grain trailers, semi drop deck trailers, and gondola and end dump trailers for the scrap recycling industry at its 135,000-square-foot complex in Spencer.

For the Agricultural market Maurer Manufacturing produces grain tank extensions and combine header transports. The high quality Maurer grain tank extensions replace the factory extension for added bushel capacity and lower clearance of the combine. The durable header transports are built to withstand the heaviest of loads to transport your heavy, expensive combine headers.

In 2016 Demco completed the acquisition of a fellow manufacturing company. The Boyden manufacturer acquired the remaining non-Demco-owned stock of Maurer Manufacturing in Spencer. Demco — corporately known as Dethmers Manufacturing Co. — and a group of investors acquired Maurer Manufacturing from Bob and Peg Maurer in 2000. At that time, the group of investors formed Lakes Enterprises and began doing business under the brand name of Maurer Manufacturing. Since that time, Demco and Maurer Manufacturing each have operated as separate companies with individual management teams while sharing many resources whenever possible.

In 2018 the name Maurer Manufacturing completely transitioned to Demco Manufacturing for all semi trailers.

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