Combine Grain Tank Extensions & Hopper Toppers

A green combine grain tank extension

Demco Grain Tank Extensions + Tip-Ups

Demco has a long history of leading our industry in providing grain tank extensions for combines. Add to your capacity today!

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A red combine grain tank extension

Grain Tank Tip-Ups for Factory Extensions

We work with some of the leading combine manufacturers in the entire world to improve your harvest speed and capacity.

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A diagram describing combine grain tank extensions
Want to increase the capacity of your combine?

Demco combine grain tank extensions and tip-ups are an excellent addition to any combine, and many of our dealers commonly call them the best in the industry. Great looking, durable and efficient, these Demco factory replacements add more capacity to your John Deere, Case IH or New Holland combine, and they're as economical as they are useful.

Replacing the factory extension for added bushel capacity and lower clearance of the combine, Demco grain tank extensions provide superior fit, finish and quality, so you don't have to risk your combine's safety or looks just because you want increased harvest efficiency. On the other hand, our combine hopper toppers or grain tank tip-ups are an inexpensive way to add capacity to a factory extension.

Available for John Deere, Case IH and New Holland, Demco combine grain tank extensions are quality replacement attachments that give you increased combine capacity and makes your harvest more efficient. Due to differences between makes and models, the combine grain tank extension you choose must be compatible with your make and series, but added combine capacity is just a quick swap away, and you can even fold the additional height down for storage or transport.

Crafted from a durable and sturdy design that accounts for the strength and integrity of your combine, our grain tank extensions give you a total capacity that allows you to keep pace with today’s higher yields.

Combine Hopper Toppers

If you'd rather keep your factory combine extension, consider a Demco grain tank tip-up for factory extensions. As an economical way to add capacity to your combine without breaking the bank, our "hopper toppers" fit John Deere, Case IH and New Holland factory extensions, increasing productivity simply and easily.

For John Deere combines, we make tip-ups for manual fold factory extensions as well as tip-ups for power fold factory extensions. With tip-ups that fit S700 Series, as well as other S600 Series combines, you can find the right Demco tip-up for just about any John Deere, and gain 60 to 120 bu., depending on the model.

For Case IH combines, tip-ups are also available for both manual and power fold factory extensions. For manual fold extensions, a Demco tip-up will fit most Case IH late model combines and add about 100 bu. Or 65 bu. For power fold extensions, a Demco tip-up will fit a Case IH 7120, 7230, 7240, 8120, 9120, 7230, 8230, 9230, 7240, 8240 and 9240 and add 65 or 75 bu. depending on the model.

For New Holland combines, Demco tip-ups are available for manual fold factory extensions, as well as some models with power fold and power cover fold extensions. These tip-ups will add up to 100 bushels of capacity.

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