Side Dump Trailers

Side dump trailers have been a boon in the construction industry for decades, providing drivers, companies and workers with an easy way to move heavy loads of materials wherever they need to go. We use patented designs to take our side dump trailers a step further and build each one with innovative pivot mounts, additional outer structural support and increased strength in the tub for long-lasting, efficient dumping and transport.

Tandem Axle

Tandem axle side dump trailers remaining more stable when pulled at higher speeds, particularly for highway conditions and operating in construction sites. These side dump variations are available in spring ride or air ride suspensions. Multiple trailer lengths, tub lengths, and tub capacities are also available.

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Triple Axle Side Dump Trailer

Triple Axle

The smooth action of these triple axle side dumps are paired with sturdy air or spring suspension with Wabco ABS brakes. The low center of gravity makes these side dumps easier to drive and manage as well. You can choose from a variety of options in addition to these features, such as standard feature trade mark flexcorner design.

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Quad Axle

When you want one of the most sturdies side dump trailers on the market, the quad axle side dump offers premium stability, low center of gravity and large cubic yard capacity. Made out of the same quality FLX500 Steel, the quad axle features easy left to right dump changes and a deeper tub for stable movement wherever you take it.

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Side Dump with Quint Axles

Quint Axle

Maximum maneuverability and stability is offered by our quint axle trailers. With our Twin 20” deep I beams and hour glass cross members for built in flexibility and a rounded dump body design, these quint axle side dumps can hold a wide variety of loads and dump them with optimal clean-out efficiency. The sturdy, massive single g-rail design makes the tub sturdier and lighter for long-lasting use.

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Truck Mounted Side Dump

Side Dump Truck Boxes

Truck mounted side dumps tilt the dump body onto either the left or right side of the trailer. The top advantages of the side dump truck boxes are that it can carry more weight and allows for faster unloading.

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Rear View of Train


For the best volume and stability when you need a reliable and sturdy side dump, you can look for our specially crafted side dump trains to complete the job. Made with quality steel and uniquely patented designs, our trains have the same low center of gravity tub design keep them stable through transporting and operation.

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