New Color Option Released for Demco's 2020 Grain Carts & Wagons!

For the 2020 harvest season, we have released a new color option for Demco grain carts and wagons. This color option is gray.

Why are we doing this? While we currently still offer green, red, and blue, there was a need for a neutral color option for our dealers, for our farmer customers, and for us. Demco continues to be committed to providing grain carts and wagons that perform safely, effectively, and efficiently in the field. We also know that our customers want equipment that looks good. The gray color, combined with our white decals (which reflect in the dark for increased safety), and our red Demco decal, not only provides a good looking piece of equipment, but one that can be pulled by any color of tractor. This neutral gray color makes it easier for Demco dealers and Demco to stock grain carts and wagons to have them available when our customers need them. The neutral color also enhances the resale value of Demco grain carts since the potential buyer in the future is no longer limited to just a red, green, or blue tractor.

Please take a look at our website, and be sure to visit us at a show this year, to see the latest that Demco has to offer!