January Employees of the Month

In the fast-paced workplace of Demco, two outstanding employees, Gloria Lopez and Francisco Sanguino, have been recognized for their exceptional contributions as Employees of the Month.

Gloria, with four years of dedicated service, embodies positivity and collaboration in the Quality Department. Her upbeat attitude, coupled with a willingness to assist in various areas and a commitment to expanding her product knowledge, makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

Meanwhile, Francisco, with just one year under his belt in the Paint Department, has already made a significant impact with his eagerness to learn and help others. His versatility and genuine camaraderie have earned him admiration from colleagues, demonstrating his potential to excel and lead within Demco. Both Gloria and Francisco exemplify the company's values of teamwork, dedication, and continuous improvement, making them deserving recipients of this esteemed recognition. Congratulations to Gloria and Francisco on their well-deserved achievements!