Demco's Rural America Live Debut

In a candid session on Rural America Live, Bob Koerselmen, Demco President, and Kevin Ten Haken, Executive Vice President, opened up about Demco’s journey. Broadcasting live from Nashville, the duo explored the company’s origins, starting with manufacturing live clutches and gradually branching into fertilizer application and the RV industry. They highlighted Robert Dethmers’ initial vision, emphasizing values and a core belief in Faith, Family, and Fun.

Nestled in Boyden, IA, a small community of approximately 700 people, Demco’s narrative epitomizes the essence of a local success story. Kevin fondly reminisced about the 1985 Small Business Award received from the governor, acknowledging their ongoing commitment.

Team member perspectives, such as those shared by Austin Bartley, a group lead in Spencer, echoed a dedication to understanding and meeting customer needs. Ryan Schmith’s interview showcased the collaborative efforts of various roles contributing to Demco’s achievements. Luke Zweifel, the Director of Engineering, shed light on Demco’s thoughtful engineering process, ensuring innovations are customer-centric.

The live broadcast served as a humble reflection of Demco’s growth, underscoring their commitment to excellence, innovation, and the enduring values that remain at the heart of their operations. Watch the full interview below.