Demco Side Dump Changes and Why We Made Them

You want to haul long pipe to the job site but the center divider is in your way. Frustrating. We are happy to tell you that is no longer a problem! We have removed the center divider leaving the entire tub free of obstacles and able to haul long pipe or logs where you need them. Freeing the space in the tub will also help your clean out without an extra divider to hold on to debris.

Since the center divider is gone, we needed to add strength to the tub. We chose to add three outer tub supports to increase the strength. We kept the same G Rail design to support the tub wall with an added benefit of protecting your tarp when dumping.

By making these changes, we also needed to change the pitch of the floor and the wall height. By changing the pitch of the floor, your tub will empty faster and cleaner. The change in the wall height will maintain the height needed for your payloader.

Adjustable Pivot Mounts

You will no longer have any wear and tear from the stationary pivot mounts. The new mounts are adjustable making certain the bushings will ride on the saddle. Our new style is held together with a retaining bolt and bolts on each end. We kept our identifiable 3 point pivot design per side for keeping your side dump stable and easy-to-use.

When your job site is extra rough and the terrain is uneven, we created our Trade Mark Flex Corner Design. This unique design lets your tub flex over uneven terrain and still maintain the strength and integrity of your Demco Side Dump.

Want a new tub for your old Demco chassis? No problem. A new style tub will fit on an older chassis by a simple modification to the center hourglass cross member. Ask your Demco representative for details.