Demco Announces Adoption of Abrasion Resistant Material as Standard in Side Dump Industry

Demco, a leading innovator in the transportation industry, is proud to announce a significant enhancement to its Side Dump tub walls. Effective March 2024, Demco will incorporate 1/4" AR450 abrasion-resistant material as the standard in all Side Dump tub walls. This move marks a pivotal shift towards durability and longevity in side dump equipment, solidifying Demco's commitment to delivering top-quality solutions to its customers.

The decision to implement 1/4" AR450 as the standard material comes in response to the industry's growing demand for enhanced durability and wear resistance. By integrating this advanced material, Demco sets a new benchmark for performance and reliability in the side dump sector.

In addition to the standard 1/4" AR450 option, Demco is also introducing a lightweight alternative of 3/16" AR450 for specific applications. This gives customers greater flexibility to tailor their equipment to the unique requirements of their operations, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

"We are excited to announce the adoption of abrasion-resistant material as the new standard in our Side Dump tub walls," said Chuck Oppedal, Semi Trailer Sales Manager at Demco. "This decision underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering superior products that exceed industry standards and meet the evolving needs of our customers. Incorporating 1/4" AR450 as standard and introducing the lightweight 3/16" option, we are empowering our customers with durable, reliable, and customizable solutions for their side dump applications."

Demco's implementation of abrasion-resistant material as a standard reflects its dedication to driving innovation and setting the highest standards of excellence within the transportation industry. This strategic initiative enhances the performance and longevity of Side Dump equipment and reinforces Demco's position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions.

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