December Employees of the Month

In the dynamic environment of Demco, two exceptional employees, Christina Jenn and Greg Pick, have been recognized for their exemplary contributions as Employees of the Month.

With five years of service, Christina's adeptness in the scheduling department shines through her outstanding responsiveness and proactive approach. Her diligence in anticipating and addressing potential challenges ensures smooth operations and customer satisfaction, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Meanwhile, Greg, with twelve years of dedicated service, embodies the spirit of continuous improvement. From his beginnings in the Weld Department to his current role as a Continuous Improvement Tech, Greg's infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to enhancing the workplace have earned him widespread admiration among colleagues.

Both Christina and Greg exemplify the core values of Demco, inspiring their peers and contributing significantly to the company's success. Congratulations to Christina and Greg on this well-deserved recognition!