Preparing Your Grain Cart for Harvest

Demco Grain Cart Pre Season Checklist

Harvest is a season every grower anxiously looks forward to & no one wants the added stress of down time due to equipment breakdowns. Demco offers many sizes & styles of industry leading grain carts to help make harvest season as efficient & trouble free as possible, but like anything mechanical there is seasonal maintenance required. Demco believes following a detailed preharvest inspection list is a growers best way of eliminating in season break downs that cause added stress & expense.

Pre Harvest inspection:

1 – Visual Inspection

  • Look over the grain cart for any loose bolts or cracked welds & make any necessary repairs.
  • Check inside the grain cart to make sure all guards are in place & in good shape.
  • Make sure all drive lines & augers move freely & are free from any obstructions.
  • Inspect the hydraulic hoses for any leaks, cracks, worn/soft spots or any kinks or pinches.
  • Replace all worn or damaged parts.

2 – Check

  • Tires for proper inflation.
  • Lug nuts for proper torque.
  • Lights for proper operation.
  • Oil level in gearbox.
  • Zerk locations & grease as needed.
  • All driveline guards & shields. Replace or repair if necessary to insure proper protection.

3 – Operation

  • Hook tractor to grain cart. Make sure hitch pin & safety chain are in good condition & attached correctly.
  • Plug in electrical harness & hydraulic hoses. Makes sure all electric & hydraulic functions are operating correctly.
  • Engage pto & make sure all drive lines & augers are turning freely.

Once these few things are checked off your list you can be sure your Demco grain cart is ready for the demands of the harvest season.