Tractor Mounted Tanks for John Deere 8RX Tractor

What makes the John Deere 8RX Special?

Have you seen the new John Deere 8RX four track tractors? It is the first of its kind and could improve your planting season and greatly reduce compaction on your soil. This is the only fixed-frame row-crop tractor available with tracks located on both the front and the back. The four independent tracks and 4-post cab suspension will glide you across the field with exceptional traction, ride quality, and power. The large cab is comfortable and spacious with top-of-the-line technology.   

Challenges of fitting sprayer tanks to the John Deere 8RX

There are three main issues when fitting tanks to a tractor. As tractors and planters continue to get larger, the need for the tanks to carry more capacity  also increases. The increase in capacity leads to making sure it mounts to the tractor without causing damage or functional problems to the tractor. When the capacity increases so does the size of the tanks. It is important the tractor operator is left with the same visibility  with or without tanks mounted on tractor.  

The solution: Demco SideQuest for John Deere 8RX

Demco’s SideQuest tanks are one of the first to fit tanks for the John Deere 8RX tractors. Both the 1000 gallon capacity of the tanks and how they are mounted to the tractor are approved by John Deere. Demco and John Deere worked together to engineer the mounting of the SideQuest tanks to use the existing mounting hole area on the track system. The rear of the SideQuest tank bolts directly to the mounting area on the track system and the front of the tank mounts with an arm and bracket to the tractor frame. Approximately 75% of the weight of the tank is transferred to the rear of the tractor, leaving only 25% on the front. This weight distribution keeps the integrity of the tractor intact and leaves plenty of visibility for the tractor operator.

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Demco Tractor Mounted Tanks on John Deere 8RX tractor