Harvesting with Gravity Flow Wagons

Harvesting grain with a gravity flow wagon has been going on for decades & is one of the most simple & basic ways to transport grain from the fields to its harvest destination.

Demco has been a leading manufacturer of gravity flow wagons for many of those decades starting in the 70’s with their 325bu “Big 12” wagon to their current offering of 500, 650 & 750 wagons. To make sure your harvest stays on schedule here are some tips to keep your Demco wagons operating trouble free.


2nd - Always visually inspect your wagons boxes for any cracked welds or other structural damage. Any cracks need to be repaired immediately to avoid doing more damage to the box that could reduce the life of the box.

3rd - Periodically check all bolts & nuts to ensure proper torque & tension.

4th - Grease all zerks before each use with good quality lubricant.

5th - If the wagon is equipped with brakes make sure the brakes are functioning properly. Make sure the master cylinder is full of brake fluid & make sure the shoes are adjusted properly. Failure to do this could result in the loss of braking.

6th – Make sure all safety lights are working on the wagons.

7th – Check tire pressure regularly to avoid flats or blow outs.

8th – Make sure wagon is attached to the tow vehicle properly & the safety chain is connected to the tow vehicle also.

9th – Repack & inspect wheel bearings before each harvest season.

By following these steps you will greatly extend the life of your wagon & greatly improve your harvesting success.