Everything You Need to Know About Side Dump Trailers

Everything You Need to Know About Side Dump Trailers

Side dump trailers are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for hauling materials. Able to handle everything from gravel and snow to debris and trees, side dump trailers are widely used across the construction industry at large. In the agricultural sphere of hauling, side dump trailers can offer off-the-road convenience with specially designed tires that can handle soft soil for smooth transport.

What side dump trailer specs are ideal for your next project? There’s no one answer for everyone. With a wide range of tub capacities and dumping designs across the industry, it can be difficult to find what’s best for you, especially at the right price range.

At Demco, we have over 70 years of experience helping farmers find the right equipment for the job. We know that the agricultural industry at large demands tough, high performing machinery that works through all sorts of weather, soil conditions and countless long days spent in the hot sun. Every machine and piece of equipment you buy should be built to last.

Interested in finding out all the latest features offered by side dump trailer manufacturers today? In order to help you find the right side dump trailer for your next job, and to offer as much information as you can handle about what to look for in a side dump trailer, we’ve compiled all the most relevant information below.

What is a Side Dump Trailer?

Just as the name implies, side dump trailers are heavy-duty trailers that can dump the contents of a tub to one or more sides. When compared to end dump trailers, which dump their loads by raising the tub from the front end and dumping out the back, side dump trailers offer more safety and stability. While an end dump trailer might tip when not properly secured on a flat surface, side dump trailers have a lower center of gravity for less confined dumping. This ultimately means smaller insurance premiums when you’re dealing with a side dump trailer.

In the agricultural industry, side dumps have made the transition from roads to farms in order to conveniently move everything from silage to manure. The low clearance of side dumps makes them easy to load and handle for maximum visibility. You can also find models in today’s industry that can dump from more than one side for maximum versatility when dumping.

While you can find side dumps in a variety of available materials, steel construction will invariably last longer than aluminum, which is an important consideration when you’re investing in farm equipment that will last you for years to come.

How Many Cubic Yards of Dirt Fit in a Side Dump?

As with any model, side dump trailer capacity depends entirely on the tub size you choose. The larger the tub, the more likely it is that a trailer will sink into soft soil, so your ultimate choice depends on a mixture of efficiency in every load and the viability of transporting it across long stretches of fields. The tub volume of each Demco model varies, with tub volumes between 21.4 cubic yards to 26.1 cubic yards.

In order to handle larger, heavier loads, you may want to consider multiple axles that spread the weight of the trailer across multiple tires. The best side dump trailer manufacturers should provide you with a variety of options so you aren’t resting too much weight in one place, which may cause the trailer to sink deeper into the ground.

To avoid stuck trailers and bumpy rides for every load, look for quality tire designs made to make the full transition from road use to field use.

Side Dump Inside

Our Side Dump Trailer Specs

Demco has been setting industry standards and trends for agriculture for decades. This means that every type of equipment we offer is created with unique patents for optimal performance. In the case of side dumps, that means having tubs that rest lower against the trailer bed, creating a low center of gravity for some of the most stable side dump trailers in the industry.

We know the little details matter when it comes to everyday hauling, which is why our trailers feature some of the lowest tubs for easy loading and transport no matter where you need to haul a load.

Demco side dump trailers have the largest standard payload in the industry (26.1 cubic yards as we’ve mentioned before). WIth the quality design put into every side dump trailer, you can enjoy the stability of low riding tubs without sacrificing the volume of your loads. If you really want to increase the volume of a side dump trailer that can even surpass end dump capacities, we offer side dump trailers with the same specifications for even weight distribution and a low center of gravity for smooth riding across rough terrain.

The innovative design of each Demco side dump means that each trailer comes built with a large single rail, resulting in a system with greater, lighter strength than other two rail systems that handle tubs. Each tub is also made to last longer with carefully crafted flexible corners that don’t crack under pressure that can cause issues in other, less quality designs.

In short, when you’re looking for the best quality of side dump trailer for your field work, you should take the extra effort to understand the specifications that will truly make the equipment last longer. That means designs that help the trailer ride smoothly against a truck or tractor, quality steel frames that will far outlast aluminum, and innovative developments that make for better tub clean-out and less risk of tipping during transport.

Finding the best trailers for your field shouldn’t be a difficult process. Whether you value air suspension, stable tubs or an efficient dumping system, Demco can help you find what you need. If you’re interested in learning more about our equipment, feel free to check out the side dump trailer specs on our product pages or read more from our blogs.

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