Are Tow Dollies Safe

If you're planning a cross-country motorhome trip, a common question to have is whether to bring a vehicle with you. Motorhomes gives the comfort of home while on the road, but they're large and are unreasonable for short town trips to stock up on supplies or to check out a local attraction. After all, while a motorhome is great on our nation's highways, it's less than ideal on in-town streets or anywhere smaller cars and trucks can go with ease.

But before you make the decision to go with a tow dolly, it's important to consider your options. There are four main ways to tow a vehicle behind a motor home. They are a tow bar, a two-wheel dolly, a trailer designed to haul a vehicle and an enclosed trailer. Before towing your vehicle, always check your vehicle operators manual for guidance.

The first, typically called flat towing, four-wheel-down towing or tow bar towing, is really only good for vehicles that can be towed in this manner. They also commonly require custom installations and subject your towed vehicle to wear and tear. Even though the car's not running, all four wheels, including the drive train, are soaking up every mile you drive, meaning any money you save here could be lost on vehicle depreciation. The next step up, a two-wheel dolly, is great for lighter, front-wheel drive cars, and their reduced space makes it ideal for storage when you set up camp for the night. Four-wheel dollies or trailers are needed for larger vehicles or when you want to minimize the wear and tear on your car, but they're more expensive, significantly larger and harder to store when you settle down for the night. Enclosed trailers are another great option for bikes, ATVs and other toys, or classic cars or other expensive vehicles, but they're even more expensive and bigger to maneuver and store than all the other options.

For many, a two-wheel tow dolly provides the best balance of cost, storage and flexibility, and they're easy enough to use and operate that just about anyone should feel comfortable taking one on their next trip.

Benefits of a Tow Dolly

As most households own multiple cars, a two-wheel tow dolly provides adequate towing with minimal space, making it a great option for many motorhomes travelers. Sure, a four-wheel trailer gets all four wheels off the ground, making it best for larger vehicles, but you're already traveling in a large vehicle -- your motor home -- and it makes sense to take the smallest, most maneuverable vehicle to augment your motor home's size. Furthermore, once you drive your car off the trailer, it is like having another full-sized car on site, which can be problematic in cramped camping areas, forcing you into expensive upgrades or send you looking for an alternate campground at the last minute. On the other hand, a two-wheel dolly can neatly fit just about anywhere.

Additionally, unlike tow bars, a tow dolly requires no extra mounting holes or bolts to the towed vehicle. To be sure, two-wheel dollies require no complex fasteners or permanent changes to any towed vehicle vehicles, making them an excellent choice for both long-term and short-term trips.

Demco Tow Dollies

If you're wondering, "Are tow dollies safe?" -- we're happy to report that thousands of tow dollies are used each and every day across the country without issue. Having the best balance of affordability and protection, as well as their ability to tow many vehicles without modification, a tow dolly is a very popular way to bring a vehicle with you on your next cross-country trip.

Here at Demco, our tow dollies -- including the KarKaddy SS, the KarKaddy 3 and the new KarKaddy X -- are safe, dependable and easy to use and store. They can tow front-wheel drive vehicles up to 4,800 lbs and have an axle capacity up to 3,500 lbs. Whether you're looking to tow a smaller compact car or a family sedan, Demco tow dollies fit the bill with a rugged dependability that you'd expect more of an industrial application. No matter your vehicle hauling need, Demco products have earned an esteemed reputation among towing aficionados, and they make great used solutions because of their longevity on the road.

With the Demco KarKaddy SS, you can tow most normal cars and even some small SUVs or light trucks (front-wheel drive only), and when you get to your destination, just fold the dolly in half to maximize your space. Fully extended it sits at 133 inches long, but folded it shrinks to an astonishingly small 67 inches, which can be reduced even further if you tuck it in and around other items at your campground. Complete with a hydraulic surge brake system for safe and controlled stopping, the KarKaddy SS includes disc brakes and chrome wheels with radial tires and dual safety chains. The sealed bearing hubs also come with a 3-year unlimited warranty, and the whole thing has less than 100 lbs. tongue weight when loaded for increased ride and handling of tow vehicles.

For wider or low-profile vehicles, consider the KarKaddy SS. Designed for lower clearance and fitted with hydraulic surge brakes, the KarKaddy SS can accept vehicle treads from 42" to 78". Furthermore, a load angle that's reduced by four degrees allows the SS to accommodate more low-profile vehicles than any other tow dolly. The SS also incorporates a steerable axles allowing for tighter turns. This allows the towed vehicle to track exactly behind the mororhome! The KarKaddy SS is a galvanized unit that protects against rust and corrosion Along with sealed, maintenance free hubs The KarKaddy SS is fitted with a Demco brake actuator and EZLatch Coupler that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

From your friends at Demco

If you're still wondering, are tow dollies safe? Our answer is a resounding yes! Here at Demco, we make towing equipment for the tough world out there. Whether you're a full-time RV’er, a weekend warrior, a summer traveler or you spend your days working on job sites, Demco products are tough, durable, safe and built to last. Contact us today to see how Demco can help you prepare for your next big trip.