Outside Sales - Ag and Semi Trailers

Rod Bailey

Ag Products Sales Manager

Rod was born and raised in Central Illinois on a grain and livestock farm. The hard work and values learned from his youth led him to a 40-year career in the farm equipment industry and, most recently, with Demco as Ag Products Sales Manager. During his 40-year career, he has managed farm equipment dealerships in Illinois, Nebraska, and Colorado, representing almost all major farm equipment manufacturers. Rod is thrilled to join the family at Team Demco and looks forward to working with our customers!

Chris Currans

Ag Territory Manager // East Iowa (East of Hwy 71) & Central Illinois

Joined Demco in 2002
Living in central Iowa has proven to be the perfect fit for Chris and his family. The central location to the territory allows Chris to work throughout the state of Iowa and always be in arms reach of his family and the customers. Always found going full steam ahead with a smile on his face and a mission that can only be described as driven, focused, and ready to make a deal.

Derrik Netten

Ag Territory Manager // Southwest Minnesota, South Dakota, NE Nebraska, & Western Iowa (West of Hwy 71)

Derrik joined our team in March of 2022. He covers parts of Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota for the Ag Products division. Derrik’s motivation and customer service make him an excellent fit for Team Demco. When Derrik is not traveling the territory, he can be found spending time at home with his family and rooting for the Northern Iowa Panthers.

Mark Larson

Territory Manager // Ag Sales Southeast Minnesota, Wisconsin & Northern Illinois

Joined Demco in 2024

Mark currently resides in Macomb, IL and is extremely excited to be on Team Demco. Bringing with him a wealth of experience, Mark boasts a career spanning over 30 years in the fields of agricultural sales, marketing, management, and consulting.

Brian Tonniges

Ag and Semi Trailers Territory Manager // Nebraska, Kansas, Eastern Colorado

Brian joined Demco in 2001 with a background of farming, trucking, and retail sales experience. Joined together these make Brian the total package for his position. A personality that is very approachable and adaptable to every situation makes for a team member who is known for his communication abilities. A broad back ground with a solid practical understanding of the industry brings an objective view to the table for helping to guide us into the future.

Chuck Oppedal

Semi-Trailer Sales Manager

Chuck joined our team in February of 2021. Chuck’s transportation, manufacturing, and plant management background will help him succeed for Demco’s customers. Chuck resides in Spencer just minutes from the factory. Chuck will be found traveling with territory managers throughout the country, visiting dealers, as well as prospecting new dealers, working at shows, and jumping in to help wherever else he is needed.

Mike Niska

Ag and Semi Trailers Territory Manager // Ohio, Indiana

Mike joined Demco in January 2021 with over 30 years of experience in the agriculture industry. Mike’s experience, along with his problem solving abilities make him a great fit to help customers find the Demco product best suited for their operation. Mike resides in Northwest Ohio and will handle the Ag Products & Semi Trailers for Demco.

Gary Klarenbeek

Semi Trailers Territory Manager // Midwest

Gary joined the Demco Semi-Trailer Sales Team in June of 2022. He covers Colorado, Nebraska north of Interstate 80, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming . Gary and his family reside in Inwood, IA. Gary has had a long and prosperous history
with Demco starting in the factory at a young age and working with Demco printing for many years. His 30 plus years of sales experience and love of cold calling will serve dealers and customers well.

Matt Gibbs

Semi-Trailers Territory Manager // Western US

Matt joined our Semi-Trailer Sales Team in August of 2022. Matt covers the states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Matt lives in Northern Utah which will provide him excellent access and coverage to the western territory. Matt has a long history in trailer component sales as well as trailer sales in the western states. Matts drive and customer service experience will serve the dealers and customers very well.

Todd Readel

Sales Territory Manager

Todd Readel grew up on a grain and livestock farm in North Dakota, where he developed a lifelong passion for agriculture. He attended North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo, proudly cheering on the Bison.

With extensive experience in production, agronomy, and agricultural equipment, Todd has dedicated his entire career to the agricultural industry. His deep-rooted knowledge and hands-on expertise make him a valuable asset to our team.

Outside of work, Todd enjoys hunting, fishing, and the occasional challenge of locating a golf ball in the trees, rough, or even a fairway two holes away.