Robert Koerselman


I started working at Demco in 1988. However, being 3rd generation, Demco has always been a part of my life. I feel very blessed to have worked side by side with my father in our family business. I'm very passionate about innovation in all the industries we serve. By surrounding myself with great people I will continue the strong tradition set before me.

JC Koerselman

4th Generation Management

I am proud to be 4th Generation Management of this great company. I have a history in sales and service, but I am most excited to work alongside our team members to find ways to increase the efficiency and throughput of our manufacturing processes. As a part of the Management Team, I will not take lightly our goal of “Doing Our Best to Provide You the Best.”

Kevin Ten Haken

Executive Vice President

I graduated from Minnesota State University (formerly Mankato State University), BS in Finance/Mgmt. I initially worked at Citibank NA in Sioux Falls prior to coming to Demco. I have been at Demco since 1986 and have been involved in a number of roles prior to being in my current position of Executive VP. My lovely wife Kim and I have four children and now welcoming grandchildren into our family. I am actively involved in a number of non-profit organizations in addition to my church. I enjoy time spent with family, being a grandparent, and when time permits, golf, motorcycling, beekeeping and gardening, etc.

John Tatman

Spencer Plant Manager

I was born and raised on a farm in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. I started my career working on a farm for 12 years as a general laborer. This skill set and experience gave me a strong background for working at Demco. I began on the welding floor, then moved to other departments, such as working in the warehouse, fabrication, and painting. Now I reside as the plant manager for the Spencer facility and hold a seat on the Demco management team. I use my broad range of experience to bring the team a hands-on approach to solving problems. I like to see things from a very objective point of view as we all work together to lead Demco forward.

Benji Vande Griend

Director of Sales

I grew up on a farm in Northwest Iowa. In my early career, I held various professional positions, preparing me for my current position as Sales Manager at Demco. Immediately I could tell that Demco was a good fit for me in seeing how the team strives to work with each other for the greater good. I enjoy working with our fantastic sales team and spend part of my time at industry events across North America working with our dealers, distributors, sales representatives, and co-workers.

Mark Nilles

Vice President of Operations

Born and raised in northwest Iowa has allowed me the opportunity to become familiar with the community, the people, and Demco as a company. Since 1989, I have worked in various roles at Demco from production, sales, management of the printing department, Director of Engineering, and now Vice President of Operations developed my skills in process improvement and management of team members. I enjoy helping team members through challenging situations and watching them grow due to those challenges. It is very satisfying to help our team find solutions to problems and help improve our processes as a result of team members working together to improve and develop new products. The results are a strong team with the vision of moving Demco forward into the future for our customers, team members, and community.

Brent Schuck

Director of Marketing

I come from a small business and entrepreneurial background. After helping with the integration of my business into Demco, there was a natural fit to transition into a marketing role. Over the past several years, I've enjoyed getting to know the great team members and customers here at Demco. I'm passionate about technology and data-driven decision-making and have really enjoyed building out the marketing systems and tools to help the marketplace experience how Demco is truly "Doing our best to provide you the best" with superior products and customer service.

Luke Zweifel

Director of Engineering

I grew up on a farm in southeast South Dakota. While in college, I completed several engineering internships with multiple companies. During this time, I experienced Quality, Manufacturing, and Product Design Engineering positions. After graduating, I worked at a large agriculture company in Manufacturing and Design roles. In 2017, I started at Demco as a Design Engineer before my current position as Director of Engineering. I’m excited to work with my team to continuously do our best to provide the best products to our customers.

Joel Heidebrink

Director of Sourcing

I began my career life by going to college for law enforcement. In the early 1980s, the economy was weak, which made it difficult to find work. I began working in a nearby town building rescue trucks and stayed there for ten years. I was Operations Manager when I left and came to work at Demco. That experience advanced my knowledge of what was to come. I’ve been at Demco since 1994 and have worked in purchasing since 1997. My many years of experience in the purchasing arena led me to Director of Procurement, and now a privilege to serve on the Demco Management Team. Demco’s purchasing team is “spot on,” and it is my honor to work alongside talented people.