Inside Sales

Scott Johnsen

Call Center Manager

Joined Demco in 1987
For anyone who has ever worked with Scott they come to understand his sense of humor and “quick wit”. Even through those very difficult situations, we all know we can count on Scott to handle the issue at hand effectively for the good of all concerned parties and do so with the sense of humor that makes Scott a true pleasure to work with.

Bob Netten

Application Equipment Product Coordinator

Joined Demco in 1974
Anyone who knows of Demco from an Agricutural standpoint knows Bob Netten. From a background of working his way through the ranks at Demco has landed Bob in the AG products coordinator position at Demco. Hard work and dedication are just a couple of quick thoughts when describing Bob. When you have a situation with a Demco AG product the entire team knows that Bob is the “rock” and if anyone can help lead us through the challenge it will be him.

Troy Woelber

Harvest Equipment Product Coordinator

Joined Demco in 2014.
Troy comes to the Demco sales team after spending several years in Customer Service and Sales at Demco Printing. This experience makes Troy a big asset in knowing how to best help our customers and make sure they are taken care of the Demco Way. His ability to “listen” first makes him a great addition to the team.

Dave Frick

Semi Trailer Product Coordinator

Joined Demco in 2018
Dave comes to Demco with over 20 years of customer service experience. Not only has Dave been helping customers, but he also has experience in scheduling, sales and managing. Dave brings a calm, "get-it-done" attitude to the team. He understands the importance of meeting our customer's needs and will handle all situations in a professional manner. Dave is a great team player and a pleasure to work with.

Verlin Keninger

RV Product Coordinator

Joined Demco 2014
Many years of manufacturing experience allows Verlin to understand all of the responsibilities that come with being a product coordinator. Whether it be inventory questions, product knowledge, or customer service, Verlin’s calm demeanor helps to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Josh Jaspers

Trailer Components Product Coordinator

Joined Demco in 2014.
High energy is the best way to describe Josh. His previous experiences bring both mechanical and technical knowledge to the team. Josh is not afraid to dig into the issues and get them taken care of in a timely and professional manner. You can be assured that if there’s an answer, Josh will find it.

Brian Van Der Vliet

SBS Product Coordinator

Joined Demco in 2017.
Brian comes to Demco with over 20 years of experience in customer service for Ford Motor Company. He understands the importance of taking care of the customer first. Once you've talked to Brian, it's easy to understand why our customers know they will be taken care of right the first time.

Jerry Sandbulte

Sales/Customer Service // Ag and Semi Trailers

Joined Demco in 1993
Hands on is a good way to understanding Jerry. He is always there in the middle of the situation trying to understand what is happening and then help to bring resolve to the situation at hand. Ready and willing to help any team member Jerry can always be counted on to do his share and never try to side step his areas of responsibilities.

Sara Kleyer

Sales/Customer Service // Ag

Joined Demco in 2020
When you talk to Sara you will immediately notice her bubbly personality. She is always in a good mood and eager to learn and help our customers. Sara has worked on her family farm all her life and knows how important your time is, especially during harvest. Sara brings a breath of fresh air to the Demco Sales Team.

Kevin Rosenboom

Sales/Customer Service // RV and Trailer Components

Joined Demco in 1984
Many prior years of service in the Demco shipping department has brought Kevin to a broad understanding of the overall Demco product lines and how they can be packaged and shipped. This combined with a lot of past experience in the shipping logistics industry has made Kevin a valuable resource to the entire inside sales team at Demco in helping to answer those questions of what can be accomplished for our customer's timely delivery of parts.

Carter Johnsen

Sales/Customer Service // RV and Trailer Components

Joined Demco in 2017
Carter brings youth, energy, and new ideas to the sales team. His past experience in retail sales is a great asset in understanding and listening to our customers. His enthusiasm and fresh ideas help to make sure we are taking care of our customers, the right way in today's world.

Ben Noble

Sales/Customer Service // SBS

Joined Demco in 2017.
Ben is a great addition to our Inside Sales team. Customer service is something Ben is very comfortable with having worked in Sales for several years before coming to Demco. He understands that the customer comes first and his next call is his most important. Ben is a great teammate and is willing to help out wherever he’s needed.

Michael Keninger

Sales/Customer Service // RV and SBS

Joined Demco in 2020
Michael's calm demeanor and positive attitude is a great addition to the Demco Inside Sales Team. Once you've talked to Michael, you know that your questions or issues are going to be taken care of. Michael is a pleasure to work with and a great teammate.

Brian Holbrook

Assistant Application Equipment Product Coordinator

Brian has training in several departments at Demco. His years of experience and knowledge of our products are a great asset to the team. His upbeat and “get it done” attitude is what makes Brian a pleasure to work with. Brian is always ready to help, whether it be for our internal or external customers.