1400 Grain Cart

Unmatched in the Industry.

The Demco 1400 grain cart is loaded with features which provide operator convenience & comfort, and help make your harvest operation efficient and smooth. 

Unlike other large capacity grain carts, the Demco 1400 has a corner auger design providing excellent visibility.  This grain cart has a hydraulic drive drag auger which eliminates the belts & pulleys that other brands have.  Demco’s 1400 grain cart is a large capacity grain cart unmatched in the industry with convenient features, first-rate quality, and excellent efficiency for your harvest operation.

  • Available with NEW 20 bolt hub on singles
  • Modular box construction with silicone sealed seams
  • 22" diameter computer balanced discharge auger with Posi-Drive connection
  • UltraFlyte made with 1008/1010 high carbon steel including a thicker outer edge, resulting in up to 50% longer wear life and faster conveying.
  • Adjustable spout with end delivery for even flow unloading
  • Forward positioned auger for optimum in-cab visibility
  • Adjustable austempered cast hitch, fits category 3 or 4 hammerstrap tractor drawbar
  • 30” hydraulic controlled flow gate
  • Hydraulic drive drag auger (70 GPM max, 2200 psi requires 2 remote tractor outlets)
  • 1000 RPM PTO, 1.75"-20 spline - for unloading auger
  • Pendant grip control & hydraulic block - 1 remote outlet performs 3 cart functions (auger fold, adjustable spout & auger flow gate)
  • Automatic reset “cut-out” clutch with overrunning clutch to protect auger drive and tractor PTO
  • LED Tail, flasher/turn signal lights and auger spotlight for nighttime operation
  • Optional Weigh scale kit and console with printer port
  • Grain viewing windows
  • Transport safety chain.
  • Optional roll top tarp.
  • Optional wireless auto weighing system. (For details go to www.agscales.com)
  • Camoplast Trailed Track System - Reduces ground pressure by 30-80% versus tires, reduces the number of contact points, increases mobility and field access especially in softer footing conditions, and maximizes the performance potential of the large capacity carts.
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