Tandem Axle Trailer

Circle R Advantages

  • ¼” FLX-500 Tub with Original FlexCorner Design - 34' long: Holds 24.2 cubic yards (water level full)
  • Large Single G-Rail on Tub. Lighter and Stronger than two rail systems
  • Six Integrated Tub Pivot Points with Greaseless Pivot Bearings
  • Driver's side dump direction change
  • Tub dump direction indicators visible in truck mirrors
  • 20 Second Dump Time at 33 GPM hydraulic flow
  • 3000 psi rated Hydraulic System with Twin 5" Cylinders, ¾” Hoses, Fittings, Flow Divider, and Relief Valve.
  • 20” Deep Twin I-Beam Chassis with 3/8” Fifth Wheel Plate
  • Rubber EdgeFlex fenders with bolt-on mounts
  • Bolt-on Push/Lift block with Under Ride Bumper conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Other Standard Features

  • Holland Atlas 55 Landing Gear with Two Speed Gear Box
  • SAF Holland CBX23-245 air Suspension with Integrated Axles
  • Haldex 2S1M ABS System
  • 11R24.5 Radial Tires on White Steel Wheels
  • Standard LED lights in enclosed boxes with sealed plugs.

Components to Customize

  • Wheel & Tire Options: 11R22.5 on Steel or Aluminum Rim, 385/65R22.5 on Aluminum Rim
  • New or Recap Tires Available. Other sizes available upon request
  • Trailer Mounted Electric Over Hydraulic Control Valve
  • Optional Roll Rite or Aero Electric Tarp
  • High Capacity Dump Body Kit
  • 6" cylinders (lifts 62,000 lbs. at 2250 PSI)
  • Extended Push Block & Underride
  • Trailer Lead Kit (For Train Configurations)
  • In-cab Directional Dump Switch
  • Tarp Lock-Out Kit (Works with In-cab Directional Dump)
  • ABS on second axle
  • AR4000 Dump Body
  • Standard Colors: Black, White, Yellow, and Burgundy. Custom Colors Available.