Special Trailers



Circle R Side Dump makes lead kits and pup trailers so you can train train multiple units behind one truck.  This maximizes hauling efficiencies in areas where it is allowed.  Lead kits can be ordered with almost any of our standard 5th wheel hitch trailers; and pup trailers can be ordered in varying lengths to work best with area bridge requirements.  The pup can be ordered as a standard 5th wheel hitch connection with a converter dolly or as a full trailer (front turn table built in).

Converter Dollies

Converter dollies can currently be ordered with either air ride or leaf spring suspensions.  Varying tongue lengths are available to help meet bridge requirements.  Wheel and tire options are identical to those offered on standard Circle R Trailers.  Dollies come complete with everything needed to train two Circle R side dump trailers together including ABS, lighting, mud flaps, and hydraulic hoses.  They easily attach and detach from the lead kit on the first trailer, and the 5th wheel hitch of the second trailer, so trains can be split and operated as separate units.

Full Trailers

Circle R Side Dump full trailers come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.  They can be used as a pup trailer in part of a train, or pulled individually behind other properly equipped vehicles.  A turn table is permanently attached to the front of the trailer (instead of using a 5th wheel connection with a converter dolly) and tongues are available in varying lengths to help meet area bridge requirements.

Truck Boxes

Circle R Truck Boxes give you the advantage of using side dump applications in tight spaces where a side dump trailer may not be ideal.  Truck boxes are available in 14' - 17' lengths and mount over the 5th wheel.  Like our side dump trailers, truck boxes feature a leak proof dump body, can dump to either side, and have a 20 second dump time at 33 GPM flow rate.