Accessories for Braking Systems


DescriptionPart Number
Stand Off Bracket for Delta Force
Gives extra 2" of space between the box and brake arm connection
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Smart Car Bracket
For Stay-in-Play Duo and Air Force One
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Vacuum Tee Kit
For Stay-in-Play Duo and Air Force One
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Standard Air Force One Coiled Air Jumper
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Spartan Specific Coil Air Jumper6296Buy it Now

Freightliner Custom Chassis Specific Coil Air Jumper

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Air Force One Freightliner Custom Chassis Specific Towed Vehicle Kit

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Air Force One Tiffin Towed Vehicle Kit9599021
Air Force One Air Pressure Stop Switch
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Replacement Air Force One Air Cylinder
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Replacement Stay-in-Play Duo Air Cylinder
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Air Force One - Stay-in-Play Duo Conversion Kit
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Stay-in-Play Duo - Air Force One Conversion Kit
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Air Force One, Second Car Kit6271Buy it Now
Delta Force Second Car Kit
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Air Force One Reinstall Kit
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Stay-in-Play Duo Reinstall Kit6270Buy it Now
Coach Air Kit
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Battery Disconnect Switch6338Buy it Now
Braking System Air Tester6339Buy it Now
12V Power Outlet6342Buy it Now

Battery Charge Wire Kit

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Air Force One Quick Disconnect Kit6229Buy it Now
Air Force One Male Plug6230Buy it Now
Air Force One Female Quick Disconnect Fitting16121Buy it Now
Air Cylinder Cable Repair Kit6337Buy it Now
Brake Light Over-ride Relay Kit6414