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Take the Shock Out of 5th Wheel RVs.

The Glide Ride pin box takes the jack-hammer out of a rough road and transforms it into a ride as smooth as silk.

Without the Glide Ride, the bumps and jolts of the road put extreme stress on your RV and truck's drive train, suspension, body, and tires – that can result in costly repairs, shorter vehicle life and a very uncomfortable ride.

OEM* Model# Order# Weight Rating Mounting Bolts Pin Box Width
Venture CJ13515, CJ13517 GR21VENT 8250012 21,000 lbs. 1/2” 12”
Venture CJ20515, CJ20517,
M-Tech RVP N 1409
GR19VENT 8250013 19,000 lbs. 1/2” 12”
*Original Equipment Manufacturer      
  • Absorbs bumps and jolts through a gravity, self-centering, parallel linkage system.
  • Greatly reduces stress and fatigue at the hitch point.
  • Is Maintenance Free
  • Doesn't effect braking or steering.
  • Helps prolong the life of your truck and RV.
  • Makes a smoother more pleasant ride.
  • Is available in several different pin box widths.
  • Is rated up to 21,000 lbs. G.V.W.R.
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