Baseplate Fit List

Strength, Functionality & Durability

At Demco, we take your safety very seriously! That’s why our engineers use Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA) when testing our baseplates for strength, functionality and durability. Whether you purchase our classic baseplate or our new tabless baseplate, unless you’re looking for them you probably won’t see them! Demco believes baseplates should be “. . . accessible, but not visible.”

Our baseplates are designed specifically to respect the beauty and design of your vehicle. On most vehicles, they won't protrude out, hang below or rise above your bumper or grill.  Demco Baseplates bolt permanently to the chassis of the towed vehicle and provide a secure, reliable attachment point for all Demco tow bars. Our tow bars feature easy hook-up and disconnect!

Classic Baseplate Features:

  • Hookup to a Demco baseplate is easy-two attaching pins with quick pins and two safety cables with safety hook retainers.
  • Available for a wide variety of late model towed vehicles.

Tabless Baseplates Features:

  • Revolutionary new tabless design is practically invisible
  • Never lose a tab again, tabs stay on the tow bar
  • Available for most current models of towed cars
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