Tow Bar Baseplate Adapters

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Connects Demco tow bar to other manufacturers' baseplates

TitleDemco #
Adapter Brackets for Roadmaster Baseplates Including XL, EZ2, EZ4 Series9523001Buy It Now
Mounting Kit, Demco Tow Bar to Duncan Baseplate9523017Buy It Now
Mounting Kit, Demco Tow Bar to Reese, Tow Champ & Valley Ind. Utility Tow Bar, Bumper Brackets9523019Buy It Now
Mounting Kit, Demco Tow Bars to Roadmaster MS, MX, EZ5 Series Baseplates9523032Buy It Now
Adapter Kit, Adapts Demco Tow Bars to Blue Ox Baseplates9523041Buy It Now

Adapts Demco Classic baseplates to other manufacturers' tow bars

TitleDemco #k
Mounting Kit, Roadmaster Eagle & Eagle 8000 Tow Bar to Demco Baseplate9523014Buy It Now
Mounting Kit, Valley Ind. Utility Tow Bar & Reese, Tow Champ to Demco Baseplate9523015Buy It Now
Mounting Kit, Falcon 5250 to Demco Baseplate9523023Buy It Now
Mounting Kit, Blue Ox, Aladden, Aventa II, Aventa LX and Alexus to Demco Baseplate9523034Buy It Now
Mounting Kit for Roadmaster Tracker, Falcon 2, Falcon All Terrain, Blackhawk and Blackhawk All Terrain Tow Bars and Sterling Tow Bars with serial numbers up to 14,500 to Demco Baseplate9523036Buy It Now
Mounting Kit, Roadmaster Sterling All Terrain & Sterling Tow Bars with Serial #'s above 14,501 to Demco Baseplate9523062Buy It Now